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"How'd I get that blanket on me last night?" I ask Vanessa, taking a long sip of this delicious tea. We, unfortunately, are still at Morelli's house. It's only been about 10 minutes since I got ready, and I came out to delicious smelling food.

She's wearing something that looks super comfortable. I told her to pack an extra outfit in case she spilt something on it, and of course, I was right.

She didn't spill anything, but we would look kind of ridiculous if we kept our costumes on the next morning, while the team changed into their regular clothes. They just conveniently have their go-bags in their car at all times.

Her eyebrows furrow, thinking hard back to last night while going to sit at the counter, "I think Luca gave you the blanket... It was when everybody started passing out, and I guess he thought they were all asleep."

"Obviously, I wasn't, though. Embedded the cute gesture into my brain forever." She grins.

I'm still processing her words after she finished her sentence. Morelli gave me the blanket?

"Oh." I say simply, focusing back on the hangover breakfast Dani was making.

She's scrambling some eggs when she joins the conversation, "He was asking for advice on how to ask you out."

I pause with my mug halfway to my mouth.

"What?" My head whips up from the stove to look at her. The expression she has on her face when she gets a good look at mine, I can only imagine how much color has drained from my cheeks.

She shakes her head, not looking away from the stove. "No, but at least I know you're interested, now."

I gape, looking at the back of her head, flashing my eyes towards Vanessa, who is trying to hold in the biggest burst of laughter. She fails. Unfortunately.

Her cackles wake up Dexter, who I can see through the open layout. He immediately winces at the sunlight, placing both of his hands on his head. "My God, where is that bitch, Morelli? I hate his booze."

"Nobody told you to drink it." I snort, but then again, I agree with him. My brain still feels like it's knocking against my skull, over and over, and over again. The tea is helping though.

Heavy footsteps come down the stairs, the one that I saw near the front door. The steps descend through the hallway, and into the living room.

My breathing actually stutters at the sight of him. With wet hair that looks like it's still dripping. And his white beater, which clings to his waist.

Fuck me. Literally.

I didn't mean that. Maybe I'm still drunk.

"Luca! Where's your drugs?" Dexter asks, standing up and grabbing the blanket I had this morning, the one Morelli gave me. He wraps it around his shoulders like a cape, moping towards the sculpture of a man I'm staring at.

Morelli rolls his eyes at his word choice, "It's in the bathroom, the tallest shelf in the cabinet." God, his morning voice is so pretty.

Dexter grins lazily, and walks out of the room, the blanket dragging on the floor. Morelli makes a quick observation of the room, sweeping from Vanessa scrolling on her phone, to Dani making breakfast, then his eyes stop completely on me.

The corner of his lips quirk up, though it looks like he's fighting a full-on grin. "Didn't expect you to still be here."

I smile sarcastically, "I don't do walks of shame. I like to linger afterwards."

"Fitting, I wouldn't expect anything less." He shrugs, taking a seat on the island counter, a chair apart from Nessa.

The room feels eerily empty. I pause for a few before remembering who's missing.

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