About The Princes

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Adrian: he's kinda had a rough past, so he's a little distant, and he has some trust issues, but he's really sweet

Jake: he's really down to earth, and knows what he wants and what he is looking for in a woman

Stefan: he's the guy that always hinds behind a mask of emotions. He's really bi polar, but has the right intentions 

Rafeal: He's the jokester out of the princes!! He always thinks of other people and can easily make them laugh. Or annoy them if he goes too far...

Henry: Henry is the obnoxious one. He judges people instantly, and will stick with his strong opinion unless you do something that drastically changes the way he thinks of you 

Noah: He's the typical Prince Charming. Tall, handsome, athletic, definitely a womanizer. He's really arrogant, and that usually always goes against him.

Hey guys so littlemisslovely made what the princes are about. Once again thanks littlemisslovely, and if you haven't already followed her please do!

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