Chapter 2

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I walked downstairs, to see 6 boys sitting on the couch, and my father. When I walked in my father stood up.
"Pearl this is Adrian (give props to ℓιттℓє.мιѕѕ.ℓσνєℓуˣ), Jake, Stefan, Rafeal, Henry, and Noah." my father told me.
After my father said that someone snickered behind me. I turned to see my brother Erin (give props to Kendall for Jake, Stefan, Rafeal, Henry, Noah, and Erin.).
"Erin what are you doing here?" I asked my brother turning to face him.
When I looked at him he only gave me an innocent smile, then went to the kitchen.
"Ugg dad please control your son he is annoying!" I said looking at him with my best pouty face.
"Fine. Erin!" my father yelled towards the kitchen.
"Yes father?" Erin asked coming out.
"Leave your sister alone." he said.
"He is not my brother. I am now no longer talking to him because of his annoyingness." I told my father.
"Fine just don't murder him while he is asleep. Remember last time you tried?" he asked.
A cold chill ran up my spine just thinking about the torcher I had to go though. My punishment was I had to be Erin's servant for a month, and do whatever he told me to. Do you know how much torcher that is?!
"Fine fine fine, but what if you don't catch me?" I asked my father.
"Than we won't know who did it so you might not be in trouble." he said.
Right after my father spoke someone or shall I say 6 someones cleared their throats behind us making us jump. We turned around and remembered the princes were here and heard everything we said.
"Opps!" I said, "Umm well I'm Princess Pearl. It is very nice to meet all of you."
All of the princes looked at me strangely.
"What have you never heard a girl threaten someone?" I asked them.
"Nope" they all replied in unison.
"Well get used to it. This normally happens once or twice everyday. This is the first time, so you might get to see the second time, or maybe the second round where I'm always caught, but ehh." I told them.
"Okay." they all said giving me yet another strange look, what is up with them and giving me strange looks?!
"Well lets get started than." my father said.
"Okay well my name is Pearl, I'm 16 years young. My favorite color is green. Not a aquatic green, but a forest green. My biggest wish is to go to land. I think that is all." I introduced myself.

(skipping until after the introductions because I have no idea how these princes shall be. I will write and about about them later.)

After the introductions were done I went into the kitchen and grabbed some seaweed to make a seaweed salad.

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