Work With Me.

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Dae's eyes slowly made their way up my body. I knew I intimidated him. He knew that he spoke back to me.

He seemed almost scared.

He just took it all in knowing I was staring back at him. When his eyes finally met mine he started blushing like a madmen.

I was so angry at him. Why haven't I spoken appropriately to him is beyond me, but it just never seems to happen.

It's been two months since the little incident with Ronnie and since Daniel and I broke up.

I was late to class so I just stood to the side until my teacher signed my excuse.

Advanced Physic's class. My favorite.

As I sat down in a back table alone, the teacher asked the class to pay extra attention. No one knew absolutely nothing about my extremely good grades, except for the teachers but knowing how I was, they feared what I could do if they got on my nerve and decided to not brag about me, which made me entirely happy.

"For this semesters final assignment you will have to work in pairs. I will choose the pairs respectively and no changes will be allowed. To choose your pair I will match the person with the same or closest grades as you, this way you will work equally on the project." Mrs. Sanders told the group.

"Let's pair, class!" She said overly excited.

"Ronnie and Dana..." She trailed off.

I barely heard the pairs, eventually I heard my name being called up.

"Dash you will work with Dae." She stated overly excited because she paired US together.

"WHAT?" Dae practically yelled.

Gosh, please don't embarrass me and throw on a fit. I will end you.

"Is there a problem, Dae?" Mrs. Sanders asked.

"Yes, I would like to pair with someone else, please." At his words the whole class room spun to look at him.

I felt anger boil up inside me as I harshly got up and pushed the table.

"And why is that Dae, am I not as bright as you? You can't work with someone as beneath you as me? Do I scare you?" I asked in mock tone.

I stared hard at his surprised eyes. He seemed taken back from my little explosion.

That was a small gesture. When I get mad, which people have seen, it's much better to hide.

I was very hurt to say the least. Sarcasm was the only way I could mask it and not make a ridicule in front of all these arseholes.

I thought that because he was judged, he might understand what it felt like to be put a label on, and might not criticize me or downright underestimate me.

Then when these words were spoken up, I couldn't feel any more surprise and respect for our fellow teacher.

"If that is the case Dae, I'm sorry to tell you she is above your IQ results and has a better grade that you in this and many other classes. You two are the highest school grades and I believe that you'd do a lovely job together." She said looking at him.

She did not rant. She spoke carefully choosing every word so he wouldn't feel denigrated or below me. Which he wasn't. She was just stating facts.

"T-that's n-n-not why I di-" I cut him off.

"Mrs. Sanders, I'm sorry. He never said that. I was just speculating." I said looking at the floor.

I never ask for forgiveness. I knew if I didn't Dae would give a lot of people the wrong impression. Maybe detention too. So I swallowed my pride and asked my teacher for forgiveness. I never, ever said that to anyone. Unless it were a special person. I said it to my teacher. Why? It's still beyond me.

I was still downright p.issed by the end of class.

"Hey! Dash! Wait!" Dae yelled from across the room.

"What?!" I asked him immediately.

"Can you come by my house tomorrow night?" He asked rubbing the back of his neck and fiddling with his glasses.

"Why?" I asked as cold as a glacier.

"To work on the project. It's very probable that we can't work on it in school, given the fact that you don't assist regularly. If it's inconvenient, I understand." He said backing away a few steps.

"I'll tell you tonight." I said moving way much closer than necessary.

I could've kissed him.

"What do you m-mean tonight?" He asked not knowing to what I referred and clearly feeling uncomfortable by my closeness.

"I know where you live, Dae." I whispered in his ear before disappearing through the crowd of students.

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