The Hall

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Hi I'm lacie and I have friends, true friends. Their names are Jake, Luke, and Scarlett. Were in middle school an old creepy middle school, they say that they hear crying, walking, and screaming at night, mostly in the girls washrooms, but I don't believe in that stuff, I actually don't believe in stupid ghost, but I was wrong........ my friends and I were hunting for ghost at midnight because I wanted to prove it to them that their are no such thing as ghost in our school.... but I was wrong. We all met at the front door, now your probably wondering how could we get in our school, cause you know when everyone leaves one of our janitor or principal locks it. Well my friend Jake, knows how to unlock anything! Jake didn't actually had to unlock it, because it was already opened, it was kinda strange because they always lock it! Anyways we went in our school, and already heard noises, it was dark spooky and scary, "omg please can we go back its kinda scary" said Scarlett "its fine, don't be such a baby" said Jake, we started walking down the hall where this girl died, no one actually know how she died, "Wait" Scarlett yelled, "what's that" Scarlett pointed, it was a little girl wearing a white dress and black hair. We started talking to her "hi whats your name, why are you alone" I said "why are YOU here" said that little girl. "Its dark creepy and scary here" Luke said " WHY ARE YOU HERE, DO YOU ALL WANT TO DIE!!! Yelled the little girl "Who are YOU, show yourself"  said Scarlett. And the little girl did, we didn't really have to see her face... cause..... her......face.... had no..... FACE! We started heading out the exit door but it was locked.. we were all locked in, so all we had to do was RUN!!!!! We accidentally was split up. I was upstairs Luke was down stairs, Scarlett went left, and Jake went right.

To Be Continued......

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