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River’s POV:

         I’ve completely opened up to Lea without even realizing. It’s as if I’ve only just woken up, and found myself pouring my heart out to her in a hospital room that she definitely should not be in. She probably thinks I’m a weirdo now, but to be honest, I don’t fucking care. That felt good, to finally to talk to someone about other than Jake and Ky. For starters, don’t even talk to me about Jake, if I mention it with him, he’d just pat my shoulder and say ‘dude, it makes me uncomfortable to talk about your sister who I once wanted to bang, ok?’ Of course he means it as a joke, but I really want to smack him sometimes. First of all; that’s fucking gross. Secondly, can you be mature for just a second, Jake?

         Anyway, moving onto Ky. You’d think that he’d be able to handle, right? But guess what? Ky ALSO had a little ‘thing’ with Emily, and sometimes I feel as if he feels more guilty than Jake and I put together. Because, after all, we all could have saved her, we all could’ve seen the signs that she was hanging out with a careless group of teenagers. Yet, he was there the night of the accident, he was with her the night of the accident. He’d seen her drive of with…him…

         But he didn’t do anything to stop it.

         Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry with Ky at all, no bloody way am I angry with him. I’m angry at myself, because I could’ve been there that night if it weren’t for Georgia, I could’ve been there and saved my sister from…him.

         From Nick.

         That night was 23 of November, it was Georgia’s anniversary, and mine and I promised her a night together. Back then, I was little over myself – I’d finally gotten popular, gained the attention of the whole school and was the most powerful guy at Colston High. I loved it. Taking advantage of all the things I could, I just didn’t give a flying fuck about anything and everything.

         The night before, on the 22nd, Emily had told me that she was invited to a party and wanted me to come with her. Back then, Nick and I were good friends – I know, obviously it was a bad mistake to trust a guy like him. Back then, I used to trust him like a brother, and when he started dating my sister (before he knew we were related), I spilled everything about my life to him. At that point, we were definitely like brothers, and I trusted more in him than in Jake or Ky – my friends whom I’d known since birth. When she asked me to come, I told her I couldn’t due to my ‘anniversary’. Gah, when I look back it seems so stupid.

         I asked Emily why she wasn’t going with Nick – since they’d been dating for a few months now - and she didn’t actually give me a full explanation, and I guessed she was withholding information about them…yet I didn’t drag… Why I didn’t ask her what was going, I don’t know, but all I know now that I was an asshole who cared to much about himself rather than seeing into the pain that Emily was going through at the time.

         By the end of the phone call, she’d told me that everything was fine, and to have a good time celebrating my anniversary. I told her to have fun at the party.


         That night at the party, according to Ky, a lot of shit went down. Ky isn’t proud of it, and I don’t think Emily is either, but I wouldn’t know. I guess Nick had a reason to flip out and get Emily and himself away from the party as soon as he could, but that was no excuse to put Emily in so much danger by driving her home whilst he was drunk and high. And on top of that, he hasn’t visited her. Not once. 

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