Chapter 2

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A/N: "The Big Rescue" quest is loosely based on RuneScape's "Prince Ali Rescue." Clan chat is in italics; in-game dialogue between players and characters are in bold italics to help differentiate the two. NPCs do not have [ ] around their names like players do.

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Sora really had no excuse to be late to Wednesday's clan quest since he usually worked from home. He had even become a bit of a homebody despite being an extrovert. Nonetheless, he burst through his shared home's front door, shopping bags in tow and ran past Riku's room. Luckily everything he bought from the 24-hour mart was non-perishable snacks and just general house things that needed replacing so it all could wait to be put away until he was done questing for the night.

He heard Riku in his bedroom next door yell something unintelligible through the wall so he quickly shed his blue hoodie and kicked off his torn sneakers before plopping down into the desk chair and double clicking on the sword icon on his desktop. Heart of Worlds' login screen popped up, ready for him to dive straight in and join Riku and Kairi for The Big Rescue quest that he had picked last night during their clan meeting.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds !

Username: Fainn

Password: **********


New Message from: Mika

Fainn, please message me when you get on.

Sora rolled his eyes. Mika was really getting on his nerves and he just didn't have time for whatever bullshit she had today. He knew she had a crush on him but she had to be a teenager with how immature she was being about it. Sora would rather ignore her until she went away than deal with the drama.

Message deleted.

New Message from: Geir

Get your punk ass to the desert. Ari and I already got the stuff for the quest. This story looks long and stupid. Thanks a lot.

Joining Kingdom Hearts clan chat...

Geir and Ariae are talking in the clan chat.

[Fainn]: Hey guys. Everyone ready?

[Geir]: We've been ready jackass.

[Ariae]: We got almost everything. :) We are at the quest start point.

Casting: Teleport to Agrabah...

[Fainn]: Headed your way.

[Geir]: Hurry up. Me and Ari were on time. You need to start rolling your ass out of bed if you're going to be doing the clan's quest planning.

[Ariae]: Lmao.

[Fainn]: Hey, I was out of bed on time. I had an errand to run. It just took a bit longer than I thought it would...

Fainn has joined the Kingdom Heart 's Questing Party.

[Geir]: Finally.

Your clan has started The Big Rescue quest. Talk to the princess to begin.

Princess Jasmine: Oh! They have taken my husband! Prince Aladdin!

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