Chapter 86 ~ Grief To Grace

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Most people enter this universe alone.

But I didn't.

I entered the world with a companion I thought would be with me for my whole life. A twin. A brother. A friend. A best friend.

Most people leave this universe alone.

But half of existence left all at once.

Half of the animals. Half of the people. Half of the children. Half of the parents. Half of the brothers. Half of the sisters. Half of the lovers. Half of the fighters. Half of the villains. Half of the heroes. Half of the strangers.

Half of all life, at the snap of a finger.

They left leaving the rest of us here to deal with the mess of living without them.

It had been 4 years and 3 months since I left.

4 years and 3 months, but I still think about it every day. I thought about everyone and everything I had left, wondering if I should go back and sometimes even regretting leaving, but I couldn't go back.

I had a new life now.

A life where I helped others the best I could and tried to repair the destruction that Thanos inflicted all around the universe. I fixed other families to try and forget that mine was broken.

I was mentally torturing myself staying in the compound, just lying there, waiting for something to happen. So, I made something happen. I went on a search to find something to bring back my children, but after 4 months of not finding anything I bumped into Carol Danvers on Dervani.

I had been hassling a witch to allow me to communicate with them, but after she failed I stormed out in a rage and bumped into her in a shady part of the city.

She explained to me how she had been flying around the universe, helping clean up the mess Thanos made. I told her what I was doing and she convinced me to stop.

So, instead of running round on a wild goose chase... I stopped chasing and started helping. I stayed with Carol and we have worked as a little team for the last four and a bit years.

Every month we had a routine meeting with the other superheroes we knew, including the rest of the Avengers, but I had stopped attending after the first few with Carol keeping me informed of any changes but the only thing that ever sparked interest was the tips of underground crime from Rocket and Nebula.

Nat tried to call me a lot but I couldn't bring myself to accept any of them, knowing it would be full of pleads for me to return.

I hadn't spoken to Steve since I left, or anyone else for that matter. Thor disappeared after I tried to kill him and I don't know or care about where he is. I know I said some terrible things but I was still furious over what happened that day. I was stripped of everything, a barren soul, and only now do I feel like a fraction of the person I used to be.

The only person I retained a very small amount of contact with was Tony and even we hadn't spoken in a few months. He had had a daughter with Pepper and was very happy, retired from superhero work.

His daughter's name was Morgan Maria Theia Stark. I had told him it was a stupid idea and that it sounded silly but he was pretty insistent and I figured the child probably wouldn't be bullied considering her father is Iron Man.

My hair was also different. After I left the second time, I got angry and hacked it all off, leaving it just below my jaw. A few weeks ago, Carol did the same and prompted me to dye mine. It wasn't too dramatic, just a bit of blue around the ends, but it was different and I liked it.

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