I must be dreaming (part 1)

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    We neared the end of the school year and some things were still wrong.

At the concert I sang with Jacob yes, but there was something he needed to tell me and I saw it in his eyes.

I know what you're saying ok, you only know the guy for so long and you already know his reactions and mood?

In fact yes , Indeed I did.

This was some Criminal Minds shit yeah I study behavior so what don't judge we all do it to someone and my someone just so  happens to be Jacob.

It freaked me out sometimes when I'd be sitting in class catching myself stare at Parker, it scared me a lot.

Arthur and I were on good conditions and that I mean we were back together.

I mean it wasn't his fault that his selfish parents engaged him to a girl he had never met and I felt stupid and dumb for believing that..... ignorant, treacherous bastard.

Anny was getting bullied a lot and It broke my heart that no one cared they would simply laugh and walk away.

She became very... she kept to herself a lot. Like the other day I asked her if she wanted to go to my house and study... yes study . That's all  we did now since the rest of my nerds were gone. She refused even though it's her favorite hobby.

Just then my alarm went off, I hadn't even realized I had been awake for a long time now.

6:00 time to get up.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom I shared it with Jean and Cintia. So I was lucky to even have the bathroom all to myself for five minutes.

I closed my door quietly not wanting to wake any of them , just not yet.  I turned on the water untill there was water threatening to fall out any moment.

I stepped into the tub and let the relaxtion take over. I inhaled peace and exhaled anger inhaled tranquility and exhaled nervousness. I smiled sinking even deeper into the hot  tub.

Author's Pov

The banging sound of his alarm had woken him up, he didn't want to leave the soothing mattress, the wonderful comfy pillow , but he had a reputation to keep up with and a girl to chase after.

Yeah he admitted it he chased a girl but she was very different from the rest .

Never had a Govenci chased a girl not one and here was he going after a big beautiful goddess.

After all these months with her he still couldn't get tired of her Intoxicating smell and her plump lips, and her beautiful body, everything of her made him crazy, drove him crazy.


He could just imagine himself touching her everywhere and everywhere. He stopped himslef he needed to stop undressing her, he need to stop thinking dirty things that could, should, and would happen.
This was too much he turned on the water and turned it to slightly cold he wasn't that hard. Just a tiny bit.

After his shower Jake headed downstairs his Levi short and pollo shirt suited him just fine. His blue Vans and his Vans hoodie matched today was a simple day. No time to get fancy, he had a girl to catch up to.

Normally he'd skip breakfast but today was a special day, his parents needed to talk to him.

'What was so important that I have to eat breakfast with them? ' he questioned himslef.

" Ah goody you're awake, come sit ," his mother gestured for him to sit.

"  Good morning to you too Mother," he said nodding his head to her, " What's so important  I am going to be late." He said without emotion. 

His father frowned disaprovingly.

" Now son that's no way to speak to your Mother now apologize. "

Jacob rolled his eyes and spoke up," I am sorry Mother."

She shooed his apology with her hand," As you know Madeleine's mother Patrice has assembled a big meeting for the charity work and I know that you Maddy have some things to sort out."

Jacob rolled his eyes ," How may times Mother , have I told you her and I it's over I never liked her anyways. "

" Well Son then you know you have to catch up on."

" Dad  you're not  seriously taking Mom's side are you?"  He hid his face not answering. " You're mother is  right Son ."

He said as made his way up the stairs he turned back to look him ," Get ready to discuss your college plans tonight."

He stood in shock his dad always took his side Mother must have put a spell on him because

Father never once approved of Maddy. Not once.

What happened?

" I am not marrying anyone especially not her. I love someone else...." just then he noticed two things what he had said and , he was running late.

"You don't understand do you I approve of the girl you can love and  can marry and that girl is Maddy. Such an angel that one ."
She beemed at the sound her name.

An angel ,his mother was twisted in the head if Maddy was something  it was far from halos and fairies. This girl was a monster a nonhuman.

Of course the only girl she'd ever approve of was, is, and will be Maddy.

You would think the last time Oli came she was nice  well it was all an act she just wanted people to see her as a good woman , a rich woman , the one with the nice heart. But  inside Jacob knew it was all an act ,it was all fake.

Speaking of Oliveria, he was late he picked up his backpack, and rushed out the house with his mother hot on his trail. He jumped in his car and raced out the gates.

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