Part 11

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The next week, Sloane goes to pick up the boys from the airport. Koen stays home since it's Sunday and I clean the house.

"Mommy, when are Unco Jerry and Unco Brody gonna get here?" the four year old boy asks.

"Anytime now. Can you pick up your toys so the house isn't messy?" I ask. He nods and quickly picks up all his action figures. Then I heard the door open along with Jerry complaining loudly about Sloane and Brody.

"Guys! Cut it out. I've already seen that enough times so quit!" Jerry says. I turn from the living room and see Brody and Sloane kissing.

"Hello to you guys too." I say. Brody just waves and continues to kiss Sloane.

"They haven't stopped since we got out of the car." Jerry whines.

"Unco Jerry! Unco Brody!" Koen yells as he runs down the stairs. Sloane and Brody finally stop kissing. Just in time too because Koen comes into view.

"Hey, little dude." Brody says, ruffling Koen's hair.

"Hey, swag master." Jerry exclaims.

"I'm pretty sure Sloane already claimed Brody for in her room," I smirk at the two before continuing. "So Jerry can sleep with either Koen or in the guest room."

"Can you sleep with me, Unco Jerry?" Koen asks.

"Sure." Jerry answers.

"Kim." Sloane states.

"Sloane." I reply. She rolls her eyes and I go up to my room to work on collage courses.

~Jack's P.O.V.~

After Jerry and Brody left to see Kim, I didn't know what to do. I hadn't kissed Claire. She came in, sat on me, then kissed me. The girl is stronger than she looks and I don't hurt girls. So I couldn't get her off of me until I stood up. I won't be able to get Kim's face out of my head for a long time.

"Milton, I have to go see Kim and Koen." I tell him.

"But she's with three other black belts who aren't happy with you." Milton reminds me.

"I know, I know. But I made her raise Koen and I don't want her to have to raise this other kid she mentioned on her own." I say.

"Go if you want. Just don't anger the blackbelts." Milton replies.

"I don't have to have your approval to go." I tell him.

"Then why'd you ask?" Milton questions.

"I didn't ask you. I said I was gonna go see them." I answer.

"Alright." he gives up. I go to my house and pack a suitcase of clothes then head to the airport.

"One ticket to Chicago, please." I tell the lady. She hands me my ticket and I go to leave but she grabs my arm.

"Go find her and explain what happened. She'll believe you no matter what she says." the lady says.

"Wait, how do you know I'm looking for my girlfriend and son?" I ask.

"Kim Crawford came by here a couple years ago. I knew about your situation and her's as well. Learn to watch. It'll help." she says.

"I'll keep that in mind." I reply. Then load the plane.

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