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Jake's POV
Devon and I agreed to babysit for his neighbor. And no, neither of us had any experience in babysitting. We also had no idea what to do.

Its not like the lady left us with instructions or anything to help. We just got told "I'll be back by 9pm". So that means we have 4 hours to figure out what to do.

"Dev", I whisper. "Mhm", I hear as a reply. "What are we supposed to do?", I ask quietly. "I dont know", he answered looking at me. We both shrug at eachother and go back to looking at the small child on the ground.

Suddenly he starts crying. Devon looks at me frantically as if I knew what to do when babies cried. Sighing I moved myself off the couch into the ground and grabbed the little boy. He clung onto me and eventually calmed down. I looked over at Devon who was smiling like an idiot. I smiled back and heard a faint snore. Looking down I saw that he had fallen alseep in my arms.

Devons POV
I never knew Jake was this good with kids. its actually pretty cute if I'm being honest. He had fallen alseep in Jake's arms when I heard a hum come from Jake. "You ok?", I ask worried. "Yeah, but how am I supposed to get him to bed without waking him?", Jake asked looking around the room for something to put him in.

I walk over and gently place him in my arms as Jake gets up and we walk upstairs to his room. "Goodnight baby", I whisper putting him down into the cot.

We go back down stairs and hear the front door open.

"Hey guys", the lady says smiling. "Hey"  Jake and I say at the same time causing us to laugh. "Howd it go?", She asks handing us each a $20 bill. "Good, hes asleep", Jake replies with a warm smile. "Oh yay! thanks guys have a good night", She says leading us out of the house.

Jake and I walk back to his house talking about random things and then walk inside up to his room. Sitting down on the bed I hug him. "what's this for?", he asks giggling. "oh nothing I just love you", I say exaggerating the last word. "I love you too", he whispers blushing.

dont even ask. this is awful. I had to get something out tho because people are mad that I'm taking forever.
my mental health is horrible right now and I havent had the energy to right so please dont rush me I promise I'll get something decent out eventually.

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