Imagine 6

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Neymar: Famous

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Neymar: Famous

You: Not famous

Relationship: Split-up

YN POV: It's been 2 months now since Neymar Jr and I broke up. Things just didn't work out anymore in our relationship.

Everytime we see ech other nowadays, it's getting pretty uncomfortable and awkward.

The bad thing is, that doesn't happen happens quiet often because he's a soccer player of FC Barcelona and I'm the camera woman for FC Barcelona.

But since it was winter break over christmas, we haven't seen each other in quiet a while.

Today is the first game of the new season after the winter break.

I was preparing my camera and adjusted everything that needed to be.

Around 4pm, the players arrived and I got myself in position to record.

The players always enter the stadium in a line, what makes it way easier to get them all on camera.

I knew that Neymar always walks in last.

As Messi just passed, I pointed my camera on the last man. Neymar.

He knows that I'm the camera woman so he always treis to play this awkward situation cool. Just like now. (GIF)

AA: Heyy guys thank you so much for reading I appreciate everyone of you!! As you may have noticed, I wrote the relationshipstatus on top of the imagine to make it clear what kind of relationship Neymar and you will be having in the imagine.

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