☁Chapter 8☁

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Your Point Of View:

"Alicia no!", I whisper-yelled out to her but it was of no use because she had already reached Camila. Couldn't she have picked some other day to do this? I honestly don't have the guts to go face Camila right now, but what choice do I have right.

"Camila, right?", I heard Alicia ask Camila as I approached the two. My first instinct was to grab Alicia's hand and drag her nosy ass away from all this, but after looking at Camila in those beautiful and mesmerising brown orbs of hers....It looked like she was crying. But why?

"Yeah that's me. And who might you be?" Her voice sounded a little more raspy than usual which obviously gave away that she was crying for god knows how long. Ugh, I could just hug her right now and make all her pain go away but no. I can't.

"T-this is my uh, best friend Alicia. She moved to London with her father three years ago and now she's back...to make my life a living hell," I joked as Alicia playfully hit my arm and Camila let out a low laugh. Would it hurt to say that, that made my heart skip a beat...literally?

"Oh, sweetie you don't look so good. Are you alright?", Alicia asked the brunette with concern etched in her voice.

"Yeah, I'm ok. Probably coming down with a flue or something. Its nothing." She replied, quickly packing up her guitar in its case.

"Are you sure? You sorta have a high fever y'know." I asked Camila pressing the back of my hand against her forehead. And to say that, that made the butterflies in my stomach start dancing and prancing would be an understatement. She leaned into my touch for a while before lightly shaking her head and slowly removing my hands.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I'll uh, um see you guys at lunch." Was the last thing she said before quickly storming off into the building.

"Well that was weird," Alicia commented as the both us started heading into the building just like the determined brunette had a few seconds ago.

"Yeah," I said barely above a whisper.

What was that all about?


At lunch everything seemed to go by smooth and calm...not really. I mean at first it was all good when I introduced Alicia to Sarah, Y/BF/N, Spencer, Rick and surprisingly Lauren. I mean Lauren already knew her so. But I guess Lauren was so caught up in gawking over Camila that she seemed to forget the world even exist. I'm not that big of a fan of romance and all that fantasy stuff, so to be honest it didn't hurt when I rolled my eyes at that. I mean c'mon you can't blame me. Leave all that stuff for the movies.

"Whatcha thinking about there bub," Alicia asked breaking me from my thoughts.

"Stuff," was all I said staring right at Camila who was sitting right in front of me at the lunch table. And obviously Lauren was there next to her.

Some best friend she is.

As stupid and cheesy as this sounds, that should be me over there with Camila giving her random kisses on the cheek, whispering silly things in her ear making her giggle cutely, not Lauren. I know there just really good friends but they practically make it seem like they're together.

"So...Y/N...what song are you going to sing at Karaoke Dokey tonight?", Spencer suddenly asks, breaking the awkward silence that suddenly surrounded the table.

"Uh, um...I-I-I, uh, um, I don't know y-yet," I stuttered and he nodded. It was only because Camila was staring at me so intently with an unreadable emotion showing in her eyes. Now she wasn't paying any attention at all to Lauren who was currently yapping about some stupid word she couldn't quite pronounce. I think it was 'Specific'? I'm not sure. But then again...I don't care anymore.

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