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"My legs are killing me." Jisung mumbled as he leaned against Minho who rubbed his back.

"You two got a lot of stuff." Minho said looking at the bags Jisung and Jeongin had in hand, both of them refused to let them carry the bags saying that they could do it themselves.

"Of course." Jisung said as he smiled brightly. "Shopping should be taken seriously." He said with a proud smile earning one from Minho who rolled his eyes playfully.

"We're gonna hear back home, Taehyun has school tomorrow still." Hyunjin said as he looked at the two who nodded, giving them a goodbye as they headed back to their car. The moment they got into the car Taehyun was passed out, the little boy already worn out from walking. 

"What did you and Jisung shop for?" Hyunjin asked as he glanced over at Jeongin who gave a small smile. "We bought some baby clothes." Jeongin said as he looked down at the little bag.

"Baby clothes huh?" Hyunjin said, a smile of his own forming.

"Yeah, baby clothes."


"Baby, it's time to get up." Hyunjin said softly as he pressed a gentle kiss to Jeongins cheek. "Its to early." He mumbled rolling up over and pulling the blankets up. "Minho already dropped Tae off at school and I took work off so we can go present shopping." Hyunjin said as he gentle rubbed the others back.

A pout formed on Jeongin's face as he sleepily sat up and rubbed his eyes groaning softly.

"Let me take a shower first." He mumbled as he slid off the bed and padded over to the bathroom. "Can I shower with you?" Hyunjin asked as he looked over earning a small hum from Jeongin. "As long as you don't touch me." Jeongin stated with a cocky smirk as he glanced back at Hyunjin who pouted.

Heading into the bathroom he turned on the water, waiting for it to warm before taking off his clothes and placing them in the bin. Stepping under the water he sighed muscles relaxing as he grabbed the shampoo.

A small click came from the door, his head snapping over to see Hyunjin walking in the Alpha was already shirtless as he walked toward the shower.

Jeongin sighed as he washed his hair ignoring Hyunjin as he stepped in the shower.

"Wash my hair for me." Jeongin said as he tilted his head back humming as Hyunjin started to wash it out for him. "Your such a baby." Hyunjin said with a snort as he gentle massaged the others scalp. "My baby." Hyunjin murmered with a fond smile as he finished washing out all the soap.

"And my Alpha." Jeongin said as he turned his head giving the other a quick peck on the cheek.

"I thought you said we couldn't do anything." Hyunjin teased as his hands rested on Jeongin's waist the Omega giggling as he reached for the body wash. "I did say that." He replied earning a hum from Hyunjin who's hands snaked down in front.

"Love." Jeongin warned as he grabbed Hyunjins hands the other pouting as he rested his head on his shoulder. "Just a quick one, I can jerk you off while I fuck your thighs, no penetration." He assured.

A small sigh leaving Jeongin as he pulled back his hands and leaned against the other. "Okay, buy make it quick." He said earning a kiss on the neck as Hyunjins hand wrapped around his length. A shaky gasp left him as the Alpha pushed his thighs together, his length slipping between them.

A whimper left Jeongin as Hyunjin sank his teeth into his shoulder biting down as he started to thrust between his thighs, hand moving over Jeongins length.

"Fuck your thighs." Hyunjin moaned as his thumb ran over Jeongins slit, a loud moan bouncing off the tiles. Placing a gentle kiss to the Omegas neck Hyunjin grabbed his waist tighter pulling him back as he thrusted forward. A whimper left Jeongin as he bucked up into Hyunjin's hand, heat already starting to pool in his abdomen.

"P-put it in." Jeongin whimpered glancing back at Hyunjin who blinked. "I-im clean, it's okay." He assured earning a small huff from the Alpha.

"Your not properly stretched." Hyunjin started earning a whine from the Omega. "I'm fine, just hurry up." He said as he reached back, fingers wrapping around Hyunjins length as he lined it up with his entrance.

Pushing in a groan left the Alpha as he gripped Jeongins hips, a growl leaving him as a whimper left the Omega.

"Please." Jeongin whined as he pushed his hips back needily, slick already leaking down his thighs.

A shaky moan left him as Hyunjin pulled out before thrusting back in. "So tight." He mumbled as he tilted his head, his hands moving up to grab Jeongins non healing shoulder as he set a harsh pace, groaning at feeling Jeongin clench around his dick.

Jeongin's legs trembled as his hands layed flat on the wall trying to keep him up with the help of Hyunjins deathly tight grip on him. "So pretty Innie with your little thighs shaking while I fuck you." Hyunjin whispered as he gave a harsh slap on his ass cheek watching as the skin reddened and basking in the surprised squeak Jeongin made.

"Taking my cock raw." He murmered leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his neck before biting down, a whimper leaving Jeongin as he bucked his hips forward. 

"My pretty little Omega." Hyung whispered a smirk on his face.

A gasp left Jeongin as he came, cum running down the drain as he grasped onto the wall. Fingers curling his a fist as Hyunjin kept thrusting. "Cuming untouched huh pretty baby?"Hyunjin chuckled as he thrusted against Jeongin's prostate smirking as his knees buckled.

"Poor baby can't even keep his self up."

Hyunjin hummed as he rested his forehead on Jeongin's shoulder as he came cum filling the other as he kept Jeongin upright.

Pulling out the thick white substance ran down Jeongins legs a whimper leaving the Omega as Hyunjin grabbed the shower head and cleaned it off him.

The Alpha was gentle as he cleaned him out, whispering soft praises until he finished and they ended the shower with drying off and getting dressed to quickly get to shopping.

"You can still walk right?" Hyunjin asked with a cocky smirk as he looked over at Jeongin who was sitting in the passenger seat, his face a bright red.

"Shut up!"


Have a good day or night.

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