Chapter 10 - The secret

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This night I can’t sleep! I think about Kim and this man… urgh! What Katia told us about her and him is really unbelievable.


“Can you please tell us all? We wanna help Kimberley!” Niall whispers.

Katia was nearly crying, so Doreen says to wait a minute till she calms down. After a while Katia took a deep breath and says: “Ok, this is a long story and not a good one. At first you must know something important about Kimberley… and about that man.” She took another breath. “This man is… he’s… mental sick…” Now she can’t hold her tears back and started crying. We others were shocked.

“OMG! But why did he bothers and pursues Kim?!” I ask.

“Well, Kimberley’s dad is a high business man. He’s the manager from a well-known firm. A few months ago this man came to him, because he has an interview. But the man was so stupid that her dad couldn’t get him the job. Then he begins to pursue Kim’s dad, but when he knows that he has a pretty daughter, he pursue her. He waits for her after school or when she goes shopping. Every day he was near to her. I can understand that Kim’s afraid. Because, what will happen when the man does something to her?! And so I guess she wants to go…”

Tears were rolling down her cheek and Harry puts an arm around her shoulder.

“Babe, everything will be ok. We’ll find this man and… wait! Why didn’t Kim tell the police about this man?”

“She does, but the police can’t find him.”


A sound from Niall’s stomach breaks the silence.

“Haha, ok I guess we should eat at first something.” Doreen giggles.

So we all order our food.

“Did he touch Kim?” I ask Kat. I felt angry, because I couldn’t imagine that such a perverted man touch my girl… erm… I mean Kimberley.

“No, he didn’t get the chance to be near to her. After Kim noticed that he pursues her, she didn’t go alone outside anymore.”

“Oh..” I say.

“But wait! Now Kimberley is alone outside, isn’t she?” Doreen looked shocked.

“Well… OMG! I don’t know…” Katia replied.

“Okok, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her, ‘cus we’ll find her before he does!” I say.

Doreen locked at her watch. “Sorry guys, but now it’s late and I have also some homework’s. Maybe we all could think about the places where Kim could stay and you all come to my house tomorrow at 5pm?”

“Yeah, this sounds like a good idea.” Harry smiled.

“So should I drive you home, or…?” Niall ask Doreen, he brushes a little bit. Awh this is so cute, haha. I wish Niall will finally have enough courage to tell her that he loves her. Everyone could see that Dodo also likes him: the way she looks at him, the way she talks to him, the way she … All can see it, except Niall!

“Oh sorry, but I’ll drive with Kat and her friend. Next time I’ll drive with you, ok?” She smiled at him.

“Yeah ok.” He smiled back.

So we all said goodbye and go our way back home.

*Back in time*

I lay in my bed and can’t sleep. I could her Niall’s snore. Haha OMG he’s really crazy. On the one hand he could be so shy and quiet, but on the other he’s load and crazy.

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