Chapter 32

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You were thinking of your plan of getting back to Kansas. Your grandparents went to sleep and you had your bag packed. You then run out of the house and you run fast.

Your thought: Daddy, I'm coming home.

You were running. You came to a park, you go in the bushes. You then pull out your blanket and you cover yourself with your blanket and you hum "Hey Jude".
You: I miss you daddy. I'll be home soon.
You then falls asleep and you had a dream where you found Dean.


You: Daddy?
Dean: Y/N!
You: DADDY!!!
You and Dean run to each other, you run into Dean's arms and he picks you up and spins you around.

You: I missed you daddy.
Dean: I miss you too baby girl.
You: Can we go home?
Dean: Of course baby girl.

You and Dean go to the bunker and you both kept hugging each other.
You: I love you daddy.
Dean: I love you too baby girl.

While you were sleeping, there was a cool breeze. You shivered and you hold the blanket tighter.
You: Daddy...

The next day

You packed up your blanket and you headed off.
You were walking, you kept thinking of Dean, Sam and Cas. You were thinking of the impala, the bunker.
You wanted to be back at the bunker.
You're feet were getting sore, you didn't care. You wanted to keep going, you didn't want to give up.

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