i hate pe.

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Everyone knows that Jake is horrible at PE. He doesn't seem to have any hand-eye coordination and hates participating when things include groups. So he usually just sits out. His teacher doesn't ever really seem to mind, but today of course he has a substitute. And guess which sport they're playing... yep, football.

Jake's POV
I hate PE. It's so awful and consumes to much of my energy. I also hate football. I don't like the idea of tackling and kicking a ball whilst running around. Seems stupid. Devon on the other hand, he loves football, and PE. I dont know why anyone would but you do you I guess.

Devon and I walk into the gym talking about some show we're currently watching and I look around to see where our teacher is. "Dev where's the teacher?", I whisper-yell. "Uhhh.. not here", he replies, a confusied expression on his face. "8C, over here!", a random teacher calls. Neither of us had ever seen her before. "Hi guys I'm Miss Swan, today I'll be your sub, get into pairs we're going to be doing some passing skills firs", she explains.

"Hey miss I usually sit out is that okay? you can ask every other teacher theyll all say I always do it", I ask thinking she'll just say yes. Wrong. Very wrong. "Uh no you cannot just sit out every lesson, you need to get exercise its healthy and everyone else does the class", she glares. Rolling my eyes I walk back over to Devon.

"Guess we're partners", he says winking. "I hate PE", I mumble staring at the ground. "I know, but cumon we gotta do it", he grins grabbing my hand as we walk over to an empty area and start throwing the ball to one another.

Devon's POV
Jake really does not have any hand-eye coordination. So far we've been doing this for ten minutes and hes caught it like twice. Not that I mind thought, I just like spending time with my boyfriend, even when he fails at catching a ball over and over again.

The poor dude looks exhausted and we literally arent even halfway through the class.

"Okay guys, time for tackling practice, stay in your pairs and ill pick another pair to join yours", Miss Swan yelled eventually.

Jake looked at me with a scared expression mouthing the words "I'm screwed". I hold back the laugh that was threatening to escape and just flash a smile at him.

We get paired with two of the jocks. The worst people for us to deal with. Jake looks even more scared now and I cant say I blame him. The drills begin and it's clear that Jake's not having fun.

I turn away for a split second when I hear a crash followed by a familiar voice mumbling the words, "Ouch, fucking hell". Jake?? I spin around and see Jake laying on the ground holding his arm. "That hurt so bad", he muttered.

"oh.. um what's your name again kid?", Miss Swan asks Jake as she walk over to us. Jake just glares at her and looks away. After a few moments it's clear hes not going to answer so the teacher just turns her head towards us. "Jake", I laugh. She scribbles out a note and asks me to take him down to the sickbay.

"C'mon cutie, let's go", I say putting my arm around him as we walk out of the gym. "Hate PE so much", he groans. "Man you really suck at PE", I giggle. "Ow", I laugh as he elbows my side. We arrive at the sickbay and the lady lets me stay with him.

After 30 minutes the nurse scribbles a note and hands it back to us. Its just an out of class slip but still. She walked over and took the ice pack Jake had been given and asked how he was feeling. "Fine", he mumbled and we left the building.

"You okay?", I ask sort of concerned by his silence. "Yeah, just tired", he yawns. I laugh and wrap my arms around him. "Love ya, now lets go, we have maths", I smile letting go. "Love you more", he whispers blushing.

I shake my head and we spend the whole walk arguing over who loved who more. Neither won. But the truth was we both loved eachother and that's all that matters.

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