Chapter 2. {BORED}

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It's been a few weeks after the young master silver shield singing that sad and warming song

And unlucky for him he had been asking with many question's by friends and family of hes like "are you ok" , "do you want to talk about your problem with us" or "who is that child you talking to"

Pretty much like that and Cale answer always a 'no'

They all worried for their friend but there is nothing to do so all can be is to watch over the red head

Until in an evening Rosalyn catches the sight of the red head singing again so she make sure to record it but again will not going to connect it to the city hall

"The games they played were never fun"

"They said they stayed but then they run"

"Who is running away from young master Cale-nim"Rosalyn thought

"Giving them what they begging for"

"Giving them what they said i need"

"I don't want any sattled scores"

"I just want them to sent me free"

"Who is he talking about?"Rosalyn think worried

"Giving them what they begging for"

"Giving them what they say i need"

"Say i need"

As he sing there is a sadness and pain in hes voice which is a red code for the friends and family of hes

"Im not afraid anymore"

"What makes me sure they all i need"

"Now im really worried"as Rosalyn seeing the red head commander of her looking at the tea cup with a sad smile he looking at it like he would cry in any moment in her eyes or anyone else who see it

While in reality he only smile sadly because he know this is the last tea with sugar hes going to drink and Will return to the devil lemonade tea Ron always bring him in the morning

"Forget about it"

"I don't think anyone will forget about this"she said completely screaming in the inside

"When they walk out the door and leave me torn"

'who the hell leave him Torn!?'Rosalyn whisper to almost scream

"They teaching me to live without it"

Cale think

"Im so bored , im so bored"

"So bored"

"Im home alone , they God knows where"

"i hope you don't think this stuff fair"

'oh hell nah im telling this to the other'Rosalyn whisper as she running away from Cale

While Cale

"What's that sound?"as he turn around and see no one there

"Is it ghost!? , No wait ITS evening i need to go sleep before Ron found me drink tea this late!"

//Poor you Cale\\

While Rosalyn doing great she got the record to showing it to everyone and without Cale knowing and maybe going to be a problem for Cale slacker dream which is great

[I hope all of you enjoy this chapter for today and im sorry because this chapter is a little shorter then the first one and don't worry the third chapter will be here after a week or so]

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