Chapter 1

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Hailey's POV

I walk down the streets of L.A. My brown hair blows with the soft gusts of wind, and my eyes can't help but study the sky, the way all the blue, the pink, the orange fade together during a L.A sunset, until the sun pulls the colors down with it, into the world leaving us in a darkness that surrounds all. The palm trees are silhouetted by the diminishing light. I marvel at the beauty...I mean, how could I not?

Sure, my location is ideal;But life doesn't accommodate. I'm a servant to my parents, the parents who treat me like a piece of garbage. I only have one friend. Even in this big city I can't help but be lonely. So here I am, in a wonderful place, thinking about how awful my life is and how much better it could be. I mean, could anything get much worse?

It happens so fast. The sky vanishes as do I. A strong arm wraps around me and I'm forced into an dark alleyway. I scream, but a hand covers my mouth.

How is no one seeing this?!?! I wonder.

Once I'm all the way in the alleyway, my back is pressed up against a wall and I'm forced into a sitting position, with no chance of escaping. My eyes look up to see a man wearing a black jacket and hat. "Give me everything you have." The man whispers violently. "Now!"

I feel a tear trickle down my cheek as I take out what little money I possess and hand it to him. The tear falls onto my lips and I lick it away.

"15 dollars?! That's it?!" The man exclaims with a fury in his low, demonic voice.

"It's all I have, I promise!" I respond nervously.
The man sees my phone in my pocket and grabs it. "Nice phone." He says. "Mine now, though." He laughs, and starts to turn away, but almost right away he returns. I see his arm pull back, and he proceeds to beat me, punching me in the eye and then the gut; kicking me all over until I go limp.

The man chuckles, pulling out a gun and aiming it toward my head. How can human have the heart to do this?

I prepare myself for death.

"HEY, YOU!" I hear. The man looks behind him and is tackled by what looks to be a teenage boy. The gun falls out of the man's hand and onto the concrete and I scramble to get it, keeping it out of his possession.

A hand grabs my arm and pulls me to my feet. I run with the person out of the alleyway to find police cars surrounding the area. The person who pulled me out the alleyway looks back at me. I can barely speak because of what I see.

He has the complexion of an angel. Somewhat pale skin, beautiful, sparkling blueish eyes , a sharp jawline, semi curly brown hair swooped to the side on his forehead.

"Are you okay?"he asks,putting his arm around my shoulders. A chill runs down my spine. The angel touched me- wait what? No, he's not an actual angel. I'm gonna have to keep reminding myself that. It's an easy mistake with him.

"Um... Yeah, I'm-" My sentence is cut off by my body collapsing. My knees give out under me and I find my self weak and on the ground.

"Here, let me help." the boy says. He extends his hand and I grasp it, struggling into a standing position. The boy walks me over to a police car, opening the back door and having me sit in the seat.

"Thanks." I reply, rubbing my neck which is in pain.

"Hey,I didn't catch your name..." The boy tells me as he crouches in front of me.

"Hailey Foster." I tell him with a polite smile.

"I'm Connor Franta." He says. "It's nice to meet you, though the, uh, the circumstances obviously aren't the best."

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