S2 Chapter 39: Burning Rage! Dark Matter Gravity!!

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*The 2nd Battle of Aiga and Lanes match was about to begin and Aiga stared down at his Achilles which had suffered some severe damage from its battle against Adeona*

Aiga: Achilles... you..!

Lane: A damaged bey has no worth, a bey as brittle as that will fall to my flames.

*Aiga just stared at Lane and he was immediately pulled into the Avatar World and he comes face to face with Achilles once again*

Achilles: Aiga.

Aiga: Achilles..!

Achilles: Don't worry about the damage, just fight the way you normally do.

Aiga: But what about you?! If you're destroyed then we may not have enough time to rebuild you until the 3rd Stage starts. If i'm not ready by that point, i'll be disqualified and i don't want that.

Achilles: You made a promise with Athena that you would meet her at the Semi-Finals and i know you want that more than anything in the world.

Aiga: Yeah..

Achilles: Athena is counting on you.. Regardless of whether or not we lose, whats important is that you prove to the world you are the greatest champion to have ever walked the earth.

Aiga: I am the greatest champion! Nobody will ever defeat me!!

Achilles: Now that's the attitude i like to see, now bring that into the battle!!

Aiga: Right! And i will not let you be destroyed, i'll do everything i can to prevent that from happening.

*The avatar world disappeared and Aiga stared at Lane and smiled*

Lane: He's smiling... why..?

Referee: 2nd Battle!!!

Aiga: I'll remain in Sword Mode but let's change it up a bit..

*Aiga sets his Dimension' Driver into Mid-Balance Mode and both him and Lane took their positions*


*Athena watched in worry in the crowd as the 2nd Battle was about to begin, she notices Valt, Shu and Phi next to her*

Valt: Looks like Aiga has taken the first point.

Shu: However, whether or not he can keep up this lead will be decided here.

Phi: He's still going with the Infinite Swords, looks like he still plans on going for a Burst.

Athena: Y'all just don't get it.. Achilles is going to be destroyed and it'll be my fault for real, i was the one who caused that damage.. and now Achilles is going to be destroyed because of me!


Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium once again and Lucifer took the center once again as Achilles comes charging in once more, it glitching out once again*

Aiga: Achilles, Infinite Shoot!!

*Achilles rushes up the slope of the stadium and races back down towards Lucifer*

Lane: Bring it on! Dark Matter Dropper!!

*The plate on Lucifers driver lowers down and Achilles slams into it with a fierce attack! Lucifer remained in the center but it was incredibly off balance and was to a point where it was swiveling around in the middle of the stadium*

Aiga: W-What the-?!


*Athena watched in shock and a bit of amazement at what was happening*

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