*Harry's Pov*

The nurse had to help guide me to the bathroom to take a piss. I desperately craved a shower but because of my wound I had to use a fucking sponge. A sponge.

I've been here for almost two days, and Harley hasn't visited. But could I blame her? I broke our trust, all because of some fucking girl called Stephanie. She was just one of the many clients I had.

Harley said she forgave me yet she was avoiding me at all costs. She's so stubborn it hurts. Wait- no, that wasn't right. If I were talking about a man, I would only appreciate how strong he was. But because she's a girl, all I see is stubbornness. Harley is strong. And for some strange reason, I couldn't crack her. And for some stranger reason, I didn't want to.

Her parents did visit me, though. And it was oddly reassuring to have someone give a shit about you, even if they were crazy religious. Of course, I told them I was spiked, and they did nothing but sympathise me. But I felt guilty for lying, even though I've lied many times before. It got worse when the police got involved. They asked me so many questions until I got them to leave me alone.

I was laying on my back as my head was tilted to the window, where I weakly stared off into the sky. I inhaled and exhaled into my mask before closing my eyes shut.

But suddenly something smacked into my face, hard. I jumped in fright, snapping my eyes open as I saw a bouquet of red roses at my cheek. "Honey, I'm home."

It was Clyde. I threw the roses back at him harshly, where he was hit in the chest. He smirked as he sat down beside me, still in his school uniform. "What are you doing here?"

"Came to visit your whiny ass." He joked, crossing his legs over and looking horridly at me. I bet I looked a mess right now.

"Where's Bonnie?" I breathed.

"Ha," Clyde rolled his eyes. "Like I haven't heard that one before. You piece of shit."

"How's school? Got any classes that you're not attending?" I bit back.

"No, mate. School's good. What about the classes you're not attending? Like Alcoholics Anonymous?"

"Fuck off," I rolled my eyes also. "You got a cigarette?"

He instantly opened a packet of Lambert & Butler and tossed one my way. "Close the door, the nurses will smell smoke." I ordered.

Clyde sneakily closed the door and put it on lock as I grabbed his lighter and lit my cigarette. I tugged my mask down and I hummed as I inhaled the toxic smoke, savouring the taste as I rolled my head back and poured it gently from my dry, pursed lips.

"Well, I had a fun time yesterday," Clyde falsely smiled. "Having the police search my apartment for drugs was just delightful."

"Sorry," I whispered, shaking my head to myself lowly. "I got you into deep shit."

"You almost got me into deep shit," he corrected. "They didn't find anything."

"Smoked it all?"

"Sold it all." He snarled.

"Fucking hell," I lightly scratched my forehead with the same hand I was smoking with. "I didn't know you were doing that shit. It's dangerous, man."

"It's just weed. The only people I sell it to are people like... Zayn, or Louis. And the emos in school."

"Your dad is rich, why do you need the extra money?" I inquired in curiosity, my eyebrows raising as I took another drag.

"You honestly want to know?"


He sorrowfully rolled his head back. "My cat has a kidney problem and it needs a fucking seven grand operation but my dad just wants to let it die. Like, no- he's my cat."

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