Chapter 4

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Mia's pov

....How can I not remember him..those eyes.....

My hands went cold. I don't know but suddenly I felt uneasy. Of all the people that I can see again why him? Those grey eyes... they make me feel nervous.....

"Hey Mia! Are you all right?" Carlie said. I looked at him.Carlie looked worried. I inhaled deeply and nod at him and smiled.

No, I'm only imagining.

I looked at that direction again. He's not there. Damn it! My eyes were playing with my mind. Why do I feel this way towards that guy.

I inhaled deeply and smile. I shouldn't be worrying about anything else. Its my son's birthday and that's what I should be only thinking about. Why would I be nervous. Of all the grey eyed men in the world it's impossible that I will meet him. Well If in any rare chance we've met, then so what? No big deal!

Ok Mia move on!

Tata, the gay party organizer made his way to us. He whispered something to Carlie then left. Carlie suddenly squeezed my arm like a vice grip. He squealed like a highschool teen who had just discovered something about her ultimate crush 

"Oh my god! One of the restaurant co owner is here personally!!! He's checking the party himself! I heard from Tata that this restaurant owns by two alpha males. I've seen Gilbert but not this one! That bitch won't take a job if there's no hot guy.

" Oh Come on Mia lets go and greet him. I want to meet him!!!!" He exclaimed and grab my hand to drag me. Good thing Agatha, Adrian's wife appeared to join him. I just mouthed sorry to them and they looked at me like they feel sorry for me.

"Oh my god! I cant believe he's here personally." Still cant hide his excitement. I looked at him with disbelief.

"Seriously Carlie. Calm yourself alright." I muttered. He rolled his eyes on me.

"Come on Mia this might be the greatest love affair that I've been waiting for my whole life! You could just pretend to be happy for this lonely gay bestfriend you have." He said as if a child pleading to his mother. I shook my head in disbelief.

Right before we go and meet the business tycoon-alpha male that Carlie is dying to meet, Tata announced that the program will already start. I can't help but feel like bursting into laughter when Carlie looked at me.

"Dont you worry after the party let's look for your prince charming. I'll even ask him to date you. Okay? Thats how friends should show their moral support right?" I said controlling myself not to laugh. Carlie looks at me like he wants to burn me alive. I can't help but smile as we walk towards my parent's house garden. Everybody sang happy birthday to Shilo.

"Okay Shilo wish before you blow the candles!" Carlie said. Shilo then became quiet and then he looked at me.

" Can I wish for anything for my birthday?" Shilo intently looking at me. I smiled and nod at him.

"Yes darling of course anything you want. It's your birthday." I caressed his chestnut colored curly hair and kissed his forehead. He smiled as if he was relieved. He look around and then look back at me like he's trying to decide If he's going to say it or not.

" Go on baby" I encouragely smiled at him.

"Mommy...I... I wish daddy could be here...."

The surrounding suddenly went quiet a bit. Of course all of the here people knows the story.
That the first time in my life that I'm speechless. I looked at Carlie. Then he also bent down to Shilo.
I saw my parents coming towards us.

" but your daddy cant know that" I finally found my voice.

"I'm sorry mommy.I broke my promise. I promise thay I wont mention anything about---

I hugged my son.

"No baby, you dont have to say sorry. I love you okay? And no matter what I'll always love you. We, Aunt Carlie, your grandma and grandpa we'll always love you okay?" Shilo nodded.

"Happy birthday Shilo" Came from a baritone voice behind me.

"Daddy?" Shilo said and went to where that mysterious person behind me.

I felt the chill run thru my spine. My eyes shocked and my heart rampaged inside my ribcage as I've heard that word came from Shilo's lips. I saw shock looks from my parents and Carlie's face mirrors mines. I turn around to look to see the person.Shilo then hugged the man.

"I knew you wont forget me. I've been waiting for so long" Shilo said that it almost break my heart. The way he hugged the man like he never want to let him go. I saw the man looked confused but still held my son.

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