I grabbed my car keys and my phone and was out the door.

I went to Wal-Mart to get all the stuff I wanted and needed. I got multiple bags of chips, cookies, pizza, meats, water, juice, etc.

I was finally done and checked out with all my bags.

When I got home, I unpacked all of my stuff before sitting down at the table with a glass of wine and the plans for Kiley's house. I worked on a online model of their house to present it to them and see what I have in mind so I can bring it to life.

As I was adding my final touches to the model the doorbell rings.

I answered it to find Roman on the other side with a pizza, and some beers.

"Hey." He smiles as I step aside to let in. He drops his head down to give me a quick kiss before going to the kitchen.

He plops down on the sofa and sets the pizza and beer on the coffee table.

I sit down next to him crossing my legs.

"You got any movies?" He asked.

"Sure. What do you want to watch?" I asked.

"Anything is fine. As long as it's not something sappy like the notebook." He rolls his eyes.

"I hated that movie."

"Really? I think you're the first girl I heard say that about the movie."

"It was boring, I had to watch that movie like three or four times to get through it because either I was distracted or fell asleep on it."

I get up and walked over to my movie shelf and picked out a movie and plopped it in.

"What you put in?" He asked.

"Crazy rich Asians. " I answered.

"Don't tell me that's a romance movie?" He groans.

"Romantic Comedy is more like it."

"Oh bloody hell."

I just laugh taking a seat and a slice of pizza.

*An hour & half later*

"I can honestly say that wasn't too terrible." He admits.

"I'm sleepy, you staying over?"

"Yeah, you go get ready for bed and I'll clean up."

"Thank you."

I strip down to bra and panties and climb into bed.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I'm out like a light.


I awaken in my bed curled at Roman's side.

How can he still look perfect sleeping? Make it make sense.

Just staring at his sleeping face makes my insides clench in anticipation.

He must've read my mind because his hand moves from my waist, down my stomach until landing on my hot, wet core.

"You wet for me baby?" He asks in a husky voice.

He doesn't even wait for a reply before he flips me onto my back, yanking my panties down.

"You're soaking." He growls.

"Only for you." I gasp as he slides a finger inside.

"Mine." He agrees suckling my neck.

He slides another finger inside me causing my fingers to dig into his shoulders as I throw my head back in pure ecstasy.

He pumps his fingers faster inside me until I explode all over his fingers.

He pulls his fingers out of me and sticks them in his mouth, sucking my juices off of them never breaking eye contact with me.

"You taste like pure heaven." He flops back down next to me. "So what do you say to spending the rest of the weekend together?" He asks casting a glance at me. "At my place." He adds at the end.

"At your place?" I questioned.

He smirks and nods.

"I have to be at my parents on Sunday." I state.

"Would they mind if I come with?" He questioned.

"Are you serious?" I asked shocked he actually wants to go.

"Completely serious."

"I don't think they'll mind. I'll just have to call my mom and let her know." I answered.

"Good. Now I'm starving." And as if on cue, his stomach growled.

"I'll make breakfast." I climb out of bed and walked to the kitchen.

I started making my signature gram cracker pancakes with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs.

"Hmmm, breakfast smells good." Roman wraps his arms around my waist as I stand at the stove flipping the bacon. "You know what I want for breakfast?" He whispers his lips grazing my neck.

"No." Even though I already have a feeling.

"You." He starts sucking my neck.

"Didn't you already have me this morning?"

"That was just the appetizer, now I want my meal." He whispers against my neck.

I take the bacon on the stove so it won't burn and them I turn the stove off.

Before and after breakfast, he fucked me hard on my table.

I took a relaxing shower and then packed a bag to spend the week with Roman.

"Ready?" He asked. I just nod, hoisting my bag up on my shoulder.

We walked to his motorcycle hand in hand.

He strapped the helmet on my head and climbs on waiting for me to climb on behind him.

He pulls off as soon as I climb on behind him.

We get back to his house and I hand him his helmet back.

He guides me inside with a hand on my lower back.

"I like having you here." He whispers wrapping his arms around my waist pulling my back to his front trailing kisses down my neck, then out of nowhere, he spins me around my face smacking his chest. I place my hands on his chest and lean back to stare at him. "I want you so fucking bad right now." He growls smashing his lips against mines.


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