They both nodded.

"Do you have a basement?"

They nodded.

"Would you like to turn it into a game room with a bar?" I asked.

"That sounds nice."

I gathered all the information I needed.

"Thanks for your time but I have to get going." I state.

"I have to get going so I'll walk her out." Roman smiles in my direction as we head outside.

"You acted like you didn't even know me." He states.

"Just doing my job, staying professional." I shrugged climbing into my car.

"Wait. I want to take you on a date." He smiles.

"Why?" I frown confused to why would he want to go out with me.

"Because you're beautiful and I love your personality." 


"Okay. Fine, I'll go on a date with you." I smile.

"Great, give me your phone."

He hands it back a minute later.

"I now have your number and you have mind. Text me your address and I will be picking you up at 5:45, wear something sexy casual. See you tonight beautiful." He winks closing my car door for me and watch me as I pull off.

My phone rings and I answer.


"Hey sweetie." Mom says into the phone.

"Hey mom."

"You still coming over for Sunday dinner next week?" She asks.

"Yes." I answered.

"Great, are you bringing anyone?" Mom asks sounding like she had a grin plastered to her face.

"No. I'm not." I said sternly.

"Damn, damn, damn, why the hell not?" Mom asked exasperated.

"Who am I'm going to bring?" I asked with a frown.

"A man in your life." She said hopefully.

"Just so you'll get off my back. I have a date tonight." I told her and she started squealing so loud that I had to hold the phone away from my ear.

"What's his name?"

"Roman and that's all you're getting out of me." I state.

"Roman, such a sexy name." Mom says into the phone.

"Mom please." I scoffed even though that man is like sex on a stick. "Mom, I have to go. Love you." I hang up pulling into my driveway.

Once home, I take off my heels and started to work on the sketches for the house until it was time for my date.


I just texted Roman my address and now I'm climbing into the shower.

I changed into a cute long sleeve jean dress paired with brown peep toe heels. I curled my hair and applied very light make up.

 I curled my hair and applied very light make up

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