part I

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3rd POV

Jake sat in his bed looking at the statue he was working on for weeks. He let out a single sigh, grabbing his phone out and going on Instagram.

He only used that app to see if Devon Evens. His crush, had posted. He checked Devons Instagram but there wasn't anything new.

He shut his phone off and layed down.

Suddenly he heard a car door. His father, Lukas Wheeler. Had arrived home from his job.

Jake jumped out of the bed and took the pride flag off his wall as fast as possible, shoving it on the closet.

" Jake, I'm home! " his dad yelled from down stairs.

Jake went down stairs greeting his dad.

" How was at work? "
" Horrible. "

His dad sat on the couch and opened a wine bottle. Jake just watched in fear, knowing what was going to happen.

After Jakes mum had died, his dad was always drinking. When he was drunk he was always yelling at Jake or beating him up. Jake didn't so anything about it, he knew Lukas was hurt.

" I don't think the art camp will work."
" why's that? " Jake asked with a frown.
" it's 200 bucks. Plus, you wouldn't wanna be away from me for a month."

Jake stayed silent.

"Also, your cousins coming for dinner tonight. "
" Shit. "
" Shit is right. "

Time skip to night time! (kinda afternoon-ish)

The wheelers sat around the dinner table. It was quite.

" well this is fun. It's been a while since we had a pizza together. " Bree, broke the silence.


Time skip to when they talked about gay stuff.

" it's like being right handed or left handed- " Logan, Lukas twin brother said. But was interrupted by Lukas smashing the glass on the floor.

Everyone looked at him in shock.

"He is 13, he doesn't know what he is!"

Time skip, after they left.

Jake entered his room and sat on the bed. His cat, Vinx sat in his lap wanting attention.

Jake giggled and pat his cat. Suddenly his phone got a notification. He used a hand to pet the furr ball in his lap while his other hand reached for the phone and unlocked it.

His face lit up, Devon posted on Instagram!

His face lit up, Devon posted on Instagram!

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Jake liked the post. He was thinking of leaving a comment.

jakewheeler1 : Sick!

He shut off his phone and layed down on the bed with his cat laying on his belly. Not a while later he fell asleep.

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