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"jeezes" muttered Joe and shook him self straighting out eyes clothes. Justin knodded at me and then look over me at Leah, Cory and chris.

"so you've met" he said.


"what are we ganna do? Stand around and wait all day?" asked Joe. "by the way where's the rest of the crew?"

"oh they had to go do something, they might join as later though." Leah said glancing back.

"yeah so now your stuck with us, but we do have all if out autographs on a poster for you. Knowing your a big fan" said chris pulling something out of his bag.

(after they got home from the meeting of glee)

"I'm going to bed and taking. Shower night ya guys" i said as I dashed up the stairs.

as I was washin my hair I began to sing

" can't blame you for thinking that you never really knew me at all I tried to deny you but nothing ever made me feel so worng I thought I was protecting you from everything that i go through but I know that we got lost along the way here I am with all my heart I hope you understand I know Iet you down but I'm never ganna make that mistake again you brought me closer to who i really am come to my hand I want the world to see what u mean to me. Just know that I'm sorry I never wanted to make you feel si small a story is just beginign but met the truth break down these walls and everytime ithink off you I think of the way you bring me through and show me how much better I could be. "

as I got out I continued to hum to myself and screamed when someone knocked on the door.

"sorry" Justin said from out side.

"jeez don't you guys know NOT to knock when I'm taking a shower I get giddy and go into my own world" I practically screamed.

"just get some clothes on and let me in I need to ask you something" I rolled my eyes and through on some comfy pj pants and a tank top.

"all set" I said sitting down on my bed.

"I heard you singing. Im going on tour again soon. I wanted to know if you want to come and open for me for a few concerts along the way? Plus meet a few other stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena gomez, Greyson chance, and Taylor swift."

"oh my god Justin I would LOVE that. Would Joe come?"

"yes if he wanted but the conditions are you get a tutor that travels with us and you do 4 hours of schooling on weekdays and 2 on weekends, no matter what. Unless your really sick." I knodded and said it was fine. Justin left to go talkto Joe bs I settled down into my comfy bed and went to bed. a few minutes later I heard Justins limo go down the driveway taking him home.

I snuggled down into my bed when the fire alarm went off.

"dammit" I heard Kurt yell, I knew kitty was on a business trip. I jumped out of bed grabbed my robe and went down stairs. Grabbing myphone and iPod and laptop. Joe was just coming out of his room when I heard the fire engiens.

we rushed out of the house and as I went by the kitchen I saw the flames, as they slowly started to spread toward the living room I slowed down. Joe grabbed me and pulled me out after him where I crumpled to the ground in a pile of tears. My dads blanket hebhad given me the only thing we hadn't sold was in the living room.

I was in shock I was crying and couldn't feel myself breathing. I kept telling myself over and over to death but u couldn't listin. I knew that more then one person had tried to talk to me but I was refusing to listin. My mind was shut down and I couldn't think.

Eveything had been destroyed and I was left with nothing except the things that I always used, lap top iPod and phone.

I still wasn't excepting the fact that we had lost the house, my second home afer being moved around so much.

(hey guys so I wrote that earlier and this is now so I'm going to tell you this is comeing to the end")

I softly knocked as I walked into joes room. A tear slide down my cheek as I knew what was coming.

"I'm going" I said blunty. Joes head jerked up.


we had been placed in a hostel until we were given the chance to rebuild or buy another house.

"I'm leaving," I repeated. He raised his eyebrows at me and I shook my head. "I don't know where, just somewhere"

I felt emty as I walked towards the train station, I bought a ticket and sat down.

when the train came I got on I sat down and the train began to move. I took a breath. I was starting over, again. But this time I was on my own. A tear rolled down my cheek I forcfully wiped it away and cursed.

I thought of my dad, and my mom. Ithought of kitty and of Kurt. I thought of Justin, I thought of my old home. And about vio and her brother. I remembered the houses I past through the memeries I remembered good and bad. The day I moved me recovering from the desise. It was all a haze but deffiantly there.

I put my ear buds in.

I stared out the window thinking of what I was doing. Where I was going. I asked my self the question I always thought I could answer but I couldn't.

Why would you jump off a cliff not knowing what's below you, either with or without a back up parachute?

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