Chapter 1 - Ready To Run

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Chapter 1 – Ready To Run

“Cuz I wanna be free and I wanna be young…
I'll never look back now…
I'm ready to run.”

** EMMA’s POV **

“Hello there, college girl.” I beamed at the girl who’s brown hair was pulled op in a pony tail, wearing a pair of black pants and a white v-neck jumper in front of the mirror. In other words, I was staring at my reflection for two hours now and I still couldn’t believe that this is finally happening!


Oh, God! It’s finally happening.

I couldn’t contain my excitement, joy, nervousness… everything! All emotions in one. I was smiling like a fool. I waited for this day to finally come, god knows how much I wanted high school to end already and start anew.

One could say that I had an awful high school life that’s why I was too eager to get out of that place and it’s true.

I was a year late when I started schooling so that makes me the eldest of our batch. It’s not that bad because there’s no actual age for education. But then when I entered my first year in high school, someone made a big deal out of it. In fact, he was constantly teasing me and pissing me off for being a year behind.

That evil guy was a school year older than me but at the same age as mine. I was always his favorite. He’s always following me everywhere just to make fun of me, my hair, my clothes, and my obsession with books and grades! But of course I didn’t allow him to get the better of me. I stood up and fought back. I thought that that would be the end of it, but the more I fight with him, the more he was eager to make me mad and furious!

And he was doing his job in getting into my nerves.

Every single time!

The non-stop bickering and teasing—that had been the entertainment of the entire school, lasted till my third year in high school. But then suddenly there was a change in the weather. The storm was gone and replaced with an unexpected sunshine.

It was suddenly rainbows and butterflies.

He was starting to treat me nicely. At first it was damn creepy! My number one enemy is treating me nicely? Did the hell freeze already?

I was very cautious every single day. I was afraid and I was getting paranoid that maybe he had something hiding under his sleeves.

But none.

His teasing wasn’t the same as before, it was more gentle and funny at the same time. It was as if his goal everyday was to make me smile, and again he was doing a great job in that department at that moment.

It was too surreal and too good to be true but then after months of being like that, I learned to accept the fact that maybe he had changed over the summer and he was actually nice.

It lasted for couple of months more but as always it ended just like that. A storm—no scratch that, a super typhoon hit me. Making my whole life crumble and my heart broken. That was when I learnt that he was just being nice to me because he made a bet with his stupid friends that he could make me fall for him despite the fact that I hated his existence for years.

I wouldn’t admit that at that time, he could have won that bet. Surely, he could make anyone fall for him by just smiling and I wasn’t exempted to that fact. He showered me attention, affection, comfort, and care for months that made me forget all the hateful things I had in mind for him.

But I was a fool to believe for a second that a guy like him—the most evil of all, was actually capable of caring! Let alone show affection. Yes, he was a true charmer for girls that he could actually make them fall on their knees by just staring at them, but how come I believed that I was somehow special from all of them!

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