Fluff: Rick Grimes

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Sitting. That's how i spend most of my time. Sitting on top of the rv, looking for either a little girl ,Sophia, or the living dead. I'm (y/n), 18 years old living in a apocalyptic world.

I took my gaze off the field, looking towards the farm house. My first spot is Rick Grimes with Shane, and Daryl fixing up a few cars. But i kept my focus on Rick the most. Here and there we would glance at eachother, share smiles and have small talks. Little did he know I had the biggest crush on him. Although, he was older than me. Way older than me. Im just a kid in his eyes.

Back to sitting on the rv, it's the only thing that kept me away from doing other things like staying inside and baby sitting Carl. Not that i have anything wrong with that, he's a good kid but i just didn't feel like doing what i did before this happened. Another choice i had was to help clean, make dinner, all things the women did before. It isn't really me. I liked to build, hunt, anything that kept me out of the house.

I've switched going on watch with Dale and Andrea. As looked at Rick, he caught me giving me a smile with a wave. Well lucky me, all the men there turned around and looked right at me. I couldn't help but feel embarassed because i think i made it more obvious that i liked Rick.

"I think it's about time we switch. Why don't you take a break? Grab something to eat. You need some meat on those bones." Dale stood next to my chair worrying for me like a father. I didn't have a dad now.

"Atleast i got more meat than walkers." I joked trying to enlighten living with them. I was stuck on what to do until my eyes landed on the men. Maybe i can help them.

I made my way over and what do you know, Shane started insulting me again. "You. You want to fix a car?" He laughed. "You can't do shit."

"Shane that's enough." Rick intruded, trying to help me out. "The extra hand we have, the better." He smiled at me making me feel welcomed until Shane broke out again. "She's just a child. She can't do shit. Just go back in the house, clean up something." "shane that's enough!" Rick raised his voice and that's when i left, ignoring Rick when he called me to come back. I had enough of Shane. He always told me i was no good or shoved me away when i tried to do anything they were doing. Guess who's ass I'm not saving when he needs it.

I've decided to take myself else where, frustrated at all of them even if Rick defended me and Daryl, striking Shane after that. There was no where else i wanted to be so i decided to go back to my tent that i kept to myself. I felt so angry, furiated that im looked like i can't have the responsibilities as a man. This world is still sexist.
"You okay sweetie?" Dale called from his rv. "Im peachy." I was always sarcastic.

I sat in my tent, reading a book that I've read five times. Book runs were never on the list. I guess the book bored me so much, i fell asleep until i was woken up by my tent opening. I didn't expect anyone so i held my knife ready for anything. If it was Shane, he was going to get it. My expectations were wrong. Rick walks in with food on a plate and his handsome self.

"You doing alright?" He sat down next to me, handing the plate of food. "I'm not hungry." He looked at me like i was lying.
"I'm not." I was more stern with that.

"No, you need to eat." He clenched his jaw showing he was frustrated e en though he cared. When he did that, i still found him attractive. Every time he was around me, my imagination would run wild.

"Listen, I'm sorry about what Shane said." I rolled my eyes. "He should be apologizing. You and Daryl did nothing wrong." I couldn't look at Rick until he took my hand in his causing me to become more nervous.

"He's an asshole... I'd love for you to help me anytime." His eyes never left mine but a thousand questions automatically filled my mouth.

"Are you here just to hurt me to? Follow Shane on what he said? Just get me-" without hesitation, he shut me up with his lips connecting onto mine and his hands steadying himself besides me.

"I care alot about you."

This is a filler until my writing for my other story improves. I'm lacking and feel as if it's going no where but I'm not giving up! Message me what you want to read in this book. Thank you all so much :)

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