(Edited) Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine


The doorbell rings. I look up from the novel I am reading. Who could it be? It's a nice Saturday afternoon and I'm not really expecting anyone. I don't get up and wait for mom to open the door. The doorbell rings again.

Oh wait, nobody's home.

Reluctantly, I get off my bed head downstairs. The doorbell rings again. "I'm coming, geez!" I exclaim, frustrated. The person on the other side of the door has probably never heard of this thing called 'patience'. I finally reach the landing and rush to the door so that this person, whoever he or she is, doesn't get the chance to ring the doorbell again. I unbolt the door and pull it wide open.

And immediately regret it.

"Oh." I pause. It's a long awkward pause. "Hey...Aiden," I say, sounding hesitant. He looks grim. He doesn't smile at me like he usually does. I feel a pinch of pain inside my chest. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"What's up with you?" He asks, looking solemn.

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

"You never showed up yesterday"

No you idiot, I did.

"What's going on? Are you like avoiding me or something?" He asks. "Why would you even—oh." Realization suddenly dawns upon him. "Wait, it's not because of what happened at the library, is it?" His eyes look straight into mine and somehow I'm not able to look away. "It was...okay, I admit it was sort of awkward. But I swear it won't happen again. You don't have to avoid me because of it, alright?"

"I'm not avoiding you," I reply. My heart thuds hard against my chest as I remember what happened yesterday. I'd been able to take it off my mind for a bit but seeing Aiden again had just brought everything back.

He smiles with relief. "Thank god for that. I thought you were. You didn't show up for practice yesterday and didn't even call me to tell you won't."

 A part of me wants to tell him I had come yesterday, and that I'd seen him with Hailey. But another part of me just feels too embarassed about it. "Come on in, we can practice now if you want," I suggest.

He agrees and as usual, follows me to my room. As usual, my heart starts beating erratically just at the thought of him being here in my house. Up in my room, I attach my IPod to my sound system.

I go to the album containing all the Enrique Iglesias songs and play them. Many of his old songs have that fast salsa beat in them. As the first song Bailamos starts, I gesture for him to take my hand. We started doing random dance steps that we'd tried to learn via the various salsa videos we'd seen on YouTube.

>>>Just because people refuse to believe this song exists. I'm a Writer. I've done my research. Below is the song 'Bailamos'. Yes, it exists.<<<

We hold each other's hand and stand in the basic stance. Then start with the most basic salsa move—swaying our hips and trying to coordinate our foot work. We practice a couple of lifts after that. We fail miserably in doing most of them.

I run towards him and jump; he catches me right on time. I wrap my hands around his neck and we stay like that for five seconds before he swiftly drops, grabbing my hand and starts twirling me round and round and round.

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