Thirty Two

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"Onew!" He heard the voices of his fellow band members before he saw them all crowding around the front door to greet him. They were all grinning - save perhaps Minho, who just looked a bit perplexed as to why they were hanging around the front door, and why they had waited up for Onew.

"How did it go?" Taemin whispered, his eyes wide. Onew always thought he was a complete romantic. Well, almost. It sort of changed when he found Taemin in his hotel room in England with sore legs and whatnot.

"Did you confess your undying love?" Key grinned, and it seemed that finally Minho had caught on.

"Ah..." he muttered, laughing at his own stupidity, as if what they were talking about was completely obvious - and maybe it was. Maybe it was that Onew had been talking about her nonstop since he told them about her, and he just hadn't realised how much he had been talking. (A lot.) "Ji-Min."

"Yeah, Ji-Min - who else?" Taemin laughed, nudging Minho's side.

"And what took you so long to get home? It's almost 2AM!" Jonghyun laughed, though he didn't seem too bothered by it; he was rarely asleep at this time anyway.

The four other boys burst into a fit of giggles and excited laughter as they went through all of the possible situations that might've occurred at the wedding. They were all too busy distracted by themselves to notice Onew's awkward frown and the way he was hugging himself, almost as if he wanted to just disappear.

Key was the first to notice that Onew wasn't joining in with their laughter. He shooed the others away - earning an odd look from Jonghyun as he did, though the other two didn't seem to care as they ran back into their own room.

"Onew, tell me what happened."

Onew took a deep breath. "Nothing happened."

"Nothing?" Key asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I did nothing. I sat and I watched and I accepted that this is how it's supposed to be," Onew stated, but tears were forming in his eyes. Key barely ever saw their leader sad, but here he was, almost sobbing. Key didn't know what to do other than to hug him tightly.

"That was brave of you, Jinki," Key soothed, pulling Onew into the kitchen and sitting him down at the table. "Do you want some coffee?" Onew nodded and Key began to prepare two mugs, switching the kettle on. "Did you talk to her?"

Onew nodded, sighing deeply. "Yeah, it was lame." Key gave him a look that simply asked him to elaborate. So Onew did: "I told her that I just wanted her to be happy."


"Onew! I'm surprised you actually showed up!" Onew heard Ji-Min come up behind him and felt her arms around his waist, pulling him into an awkward side-hug. "I mean, I knew that you would actually, but whatever." She grinned brightly. She seemed happy. And Onew knew then that that was how it was supposed to be. She was happy and that was all that really mattered to him.

"Yeah! I would never miss out on your big day," Onew forced a grin before hugging her back. "This is really nice, by the way," he added, admiring the beautiful flowers that decorated the ceilings and the corners of the church. "Exactly how I would have my own wedding," he blushed.

Ji-Min laughed, mumbling to herself about how Onew was 'just too adorable'.

"Yeah. So like, congratulations." Onew wasn't sure what to say, so he said the first thing that came to his head: "I'm glad that you're happy."

"I guess I am," Ji-Min mused, glancing over her shoulder where Seung-gi was talking to some of the guests. Ji-Min held out a glass of wine. "I bought you some, you looked empty-handed."

Onew nodded his thanks and downed the whole glass in one go, earning him an odd look from Ji-Min. "Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah," Onew stuttered, blushing. "Do you have any more of this?" His intentions weren't originally to get drunk, but he ended up finishing up four glasses of wine in half an hour, all the while listening to Ji-Min talk about how her life was going to get better.

It honestly broke Onew's heart.

As the sky grew darker and midnight came around, Onew was still talking with Ji-Min. It was safe to say he was piss drunk. So was she, along with many of the other guests.

Many people had taken to the floor, dancing with their partners - or even just random people they had found among the other people. But Onew was glad that he had his hand on Ji-Min's hip and no one else's.

"Aren't you supposed to be dancing with your husband?" Onew asked, his face a light shade of pink - perhaps from the alcohol, but he couldn't tell anymore.

"I'd much rather dance with you," Ji-Min replied as if it was nothing. But despite Onew's drunken state, he heard every word clearly, and bit down on his lip to stop himself from saying something cheesy and romantic. Or something that just wasn't.

"Yeah, I'm glad," Onew mumbled.

"You know," Ji-Min slurred out, her once perfect hair hanging loosely on her shoulders. "You know, Onew -" she was having difficulty finding the words, it seemed - "You know that if you had come by sooner" - she accidentally hiccuped, covering her mouth and laughing as if it was the most hilarious thing she had done.

"What?" Onew asked, urging her to finish her sentence.

"Oh, yeah," Ji-Min said as if she suddenly remembered what she was going to say. "You know if you had come by sooner, it'd probably be our wedding today!"

She laughed. Onew didn't.

Onew cursed to himself, loud enough for a few nearby heads to turn, though it didn't seem like a big deal.

He was too late.


"I was too late," Onew finished, completely drained. It looked as if Key had completely forgotten what he was doing; he was leaning on the counter, his face pale and his eyes wide.

"She said that?"


They were both silent for a moment.

"Sorry, Jinki."

"Me, too," Onew sighed, burying his face in his hands. "I'm sorry, too."

And with that, the boys left, leaving Onew to wallow in his feelings for the rest of the night.



DW were already planning another one xoxox

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