Chapter 18

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We were still driving at 100mph to get away from the millions of zombies, but they were fast. They were tugging against the back of the vehicles. "Step on it!" I shouted loudly. "Alfie here!" Leighanna shouted whilst driving the vehicle next to me. She picked something up and chucked it at me. Whatever it was, it was big... and heavy... very heavy. I felt the truck moving dangerously, but that's all i remember. I passed out...

(Leighanna's POV)

I was in on it as well. I was fed up of having to live in the zombie infested world. I was going mad i needed to kill someone to keep my sanity up. I picked up a sledgehammer that so happened to be in the glove compartment. I called Alfie's name and lobbed it over at him. The lorry started to swerve and I lost sight of him and his trailer less truck. Luckily there was no body else with him, but only me, Sinead and Shane knew about the plan. I needed to make up a plan to tell the others what happened to Alfie.

3 Hours Later

The other trucks started to slow down and they eventually stopped. I stopped as well. "Where the hell is Alfie?" Kian asked. "I was speaking to him a few miles back, but then he started to slow down and i lost sight of him. I looked in the mirror, but all i saw was his truck covered in zombies. At least it saved us from the zombies." I replied. "Your on your own from here! Peck get in her truck!" Francesca demanded. I was handed a bag of supplies, a knife and a gun. I was now alone and afraid...

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