Chapter 1

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I walked through the office doors nervously. There was a stern-looking woman sitting at the front desk who, having heard my entance immediatly snapped her head up and gazed at me.

" You are Kaitlyn Summers I presume?" she said more than asked.

I crept over to the desk and managed to croak out a "Yes mam" meekly as if she would tell me that there had been a mistake and I was to grab my bags and go home.

" Oh how sweet there aren't many polite young ladies left in this world." she said imediatly softening up. " My name is Ms. Davis. If you would just fill out these forms I can get you your schedule and you can find your room and unpack." she added with a warm smile while handing me some emergency contact information and allergy forms.

Oh phew I thought she was the type to glare and shout at a person. And slap people with rulers. And stay home and drink prune juice while stabbing voo-doo dolls of students who didnt tie their shoes the right way. Alright maybe a bit too far. Turns out she was the put-up-a-front-cause-she-dont-want-no-nonsense-but-if-you-make-a-good-first-impression-ill-like-you-loads sort of person. Big relief for me.

"Thank you." I replied a bit more confidently. Taking the papers from Ms. Davis I scurried from her desk and sat down in an uncomfortable chair and began filling out the contacts form.

Half way through, the doors slammed open as a well built guy strode into the room. He strut right up to Ms. Davis's desk and jumped up and sat right on top of it! I stared intriuged wondering how Ms. Davis would handle this disrespect. Maybe she actually would bring out the ruler? What she did instead suprised me.

She sighed. "Mathew what did you do this time?" she asked staring boredly at him. 

He grinned a huge grin. It really made him look even cuter than before. " I poured fish into Mr. Mayer's thermos." He replied with a chuckle.

All Ms. Davis said was " Extra lap." though it looked like she was hiding a smile.

" Ah come on! Not fair!" Just then Mathew noticed me. "Hey there, new huh?" He asked jumping off the desk, completley forgeting about his punishment, and walking over to where i was sitting. "The name's Matt" he continued slyly with a confident smile.

"Kaitlyn." I replied giving him a small smile while a blush found its way onto my face.

"Well Kaitlyn since your new i think it's only fair that I show you around; Give you the grand tour of the entire campus!" He said with another cute smile.

" I was gonna have Alexander show her around to give her a good influence." Ms. Davis said while staring pointedly at Matt.

"Ah come on!" He responded, dissapointed. "Why does he always get to show the cute girls around!?" He questioned unaware of me scribiling on my already-finished form so as to hide the bright shade of red forming on my cheeks.

" Because it avoids unwanted and inappropriate interaction between the guide and the sightseer!" Ms. Davis exclaimed in a much bossier tone of voice.

"Who ever said it was unwanted?" Matt whispered while glancing at me with a smirk on his face.

"Ask the councler. Shes already talked to half of the girls you've "guided". A new voice responded.

I looked up to see another guy walk through the doors. He was, well, hot! But then again so was this unnerving Mathew character.  There was something different about this new guy though; well compared to Matt. Besides their appearance: Matt had short, brown hair that looked like he had spent all morning spikeing up at the front. His attire consisted of an abercrombie shirt that was tight enough to show off his 6 pack, and pants loose enough to not look gay. The other guy had jet black hair that draped over one eye in a gothic fashion. He wore a simple black T-shirt and dark jeans. Hmm maybe every guy here is cute? That sure would be fortunate. I mean even if i couldnt talk to a male if my life depended on it, I could still stare at them if I wanted to right?

"You must be Kaitlyn. Are you done with your paperwork yet?" said a soft voice just above me. I glanced up startled, and looked right into the prettiest, brightest blue eyes I have ever seen.

"Uhm... ya-yes. I- I did." I mumbled as i scooted back in my chair while pink ebbed its way back onto my face. As i was checking them out i guess i zoned out. So this must be the kid who was gonna show me around. Great first impression...

"I'll take that then." Alexander replied, politely ignoring my stutter. I handed him the paper and he gave it to Ms. Davis. Matt watched with a pout on his handsome lips.

"Who said you get to show her around?" Matt demanded pretending Ms. Davis never mentioned him.

"Ms. Davis." Alexander replied not even looking in Matt's direction as he walked back over to me.

"Well I think she should pick who will guide her!" Matt exclaimed

"Fine. Kaitlyn, who do u want to show you around?" Alex asked in a noncaring kind of way even though i spotted a strange sadness in his eyes. Matt on the other hand looked liked hed just won a marothon. So Model vs. Rockstar huh?

"Alexander." I said imediatly.

"...." both boys were just starring at me. Matt had his mouth hanging open starring at me with wide shock-filled eyes. Alexander was starring at me at first with a confused expression which turned to delight as soon as he glimpsed Matt. And of course lets not forget about dear Ms. Davis. She was looking down at her desk with a pleased smirk on her face.

"Well want to get started on our tour?" Alexander said a bit too loudly with unsuppressed glee.

"Yup" I replied confident I had made the right choice.

"Then follow me!" Alexander yelled exagerating the 'me' whilst starring straight at Matt. " To your right is an idiot who likes to have bugs fly into his mouth!" Alex continued with a (very incredibly sexy) grin. Matt clamped his mouth shut and scratched his head while his face turned a cute pink shade. He then stuck his tongue out at Alex (very mature) and looked at me in wonder. I guess nobody has ever exceded in protecting themselves from his charm.

"Uhmmm I'll just head this way then..." I said after a couple minutes had gone by, waking them from their trance.

"Right uh the cafeteria is closest so we'll head there first." Alexander decided walking to the doors. He opened them and gestured for me to walk ahead. Aw! He is such a gentleman! And hot! I thought to myself with a smile as I walked out the doors into my new home.

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