Tug of War (Pt. 2)

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Sae-byeok POV

Once everyone was in a team they took us to a place that is hard to describe, (No cause it's actually really hard to describe) it was just two platforms, a rope, and numbers corresponding the groups.

I saw that we were group 4. Everyone was asked to sit down. Then they said they will pick two numbers out of a black and yellow box.

"I will now choose a team for the Left Tower" one of the Guards said as they reached there hand into the Black box and pulled out cube number 1.

After group number 1 stood up, the guard said "I will now pick a team for the right tower" reaching his hand in the yellow box pulling out cube number 7.

You can tell how scared group 7 looked and honestly, I felt a little bad for them. They have girls and boys on the team but full guys on the other, it would be an entire unfair fight.

The guards took the groups to the corresponding platform they were picked out of the box from.

Everyone was handcuffed to the rope so no one can back out or let go of the rope. Two guards waved flags signaling the guard down that both team are ready.

The guard raised his gun, everyone was waiting for it to go off...

- BANG -

Both teams started, they were even at first until Deok-Su yelled "Kill them!" making his team go faster which led the rope to there side.

Deok-Su kept yelling, "Die!" and just like that group 7 lost their footing and fell down which led them to falling off.

They weren't off yet until this blade came down and chopped the rope in-half, killing everyone on group 7.

And while the guards were coffining up the dead people and assembling a new rope, the guard drawed for the next round.


So we have to stand up.

"Team 5" the guard announced we looked over and you wanna know something. ITS A FUCKING ALL GUYS GROUP WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK-

So we had to be token to a elevator to get to the platform. I was a little nervous and I think Y/n could sense it because she grabbed my hand and gave me a reassuring nod.

And omg fucking god I was blushing like crazy Y/n probably would of thought I was sick but she was looking away and her hand is also moved away.

Then the old man said "Tug of War isn't just about strength" "Then what can we win by, talking?" a random dude said back. "With Tug of War, you can win by strategy and teamwork" he kept explaining.

"The only one who can save us now is the Lord" someone said, "You can barely stand old man" the other dude said, "Stop talking nonsense and save your strength"

"Let's hear him out at least" Gi-hun said, "I've done my share in Tug of War in my hometown when I was young and I rarely ever lost, even when there's a ssireum athlete on the other team putting the odds very much against us
After that we made it to the platform, "Listen closely" he said gaining everyone's attention in our group "And I'll tell you how I beat them back on the day"

"First off, the leader is very important" "That's person gets close to the face of the opposition's leader, and the rest of the team looks at the leaders back" "If the leader is weak or dispirited, then the game is already over" The old man kept explaining.

Gi-hun was the chosen leader.

"Then at the end of the rope, you'll need someone dependable to act like an anchor of a ship.

Ali was chosen to be the anchor.

"How you place people is important" "One left, one right. Alternate with the rope in the middle" "Place both feet parallel to each other, and hold the rope in your armpit" "That way you can put in all of your strength"

"And lastly the most important thing is"

"When the game starts, the first ten seconds you need to hold out you should practicality lie down and push your lower abdomen to the sky and bend your head way back so that you can almost see the groin of the person behind you"

"It's almost impossible to get pulled out then" "Hold out for ten seconds like that" "Then the opposite will get flustered thinking, 'Why won't they even budge?'"

"They probably believed they were much stronger" "If you hold out for that long, there will come a moment when the opponent's rhythm slips"

"Now's our chance!" Gi-hun yelled out to everybody, everyone started pulling as fast as they can, soon the rope was halfway to our side.

"Get your shit together!" a random dude yelled out to his teammates, and soon enough the rope was halfway to there side.

"Do something! God damn it!" crazy lady yelled, but she was right we were now failing.

"Pull yourself's together and listen up!" Sang-woo yelled to everyone, "When I give the sign, just take three steps forward!" "Go forward are you crazy?" crazy lady yelled out..

"We have to make them trip!" Sang-woo yelled back, "That's bullshit!" crazy lady cried out, "Let's give it a shot!" Gi-hun yelled.

I'm surprised he went with this plan since he is in front he could fall off making everyone else also fall off.

"No I can't do it!" crazy lady yelled back, "If you can't you'll die!" Sang-woo yelled out to her.

"On the count of three!"




Everyone took three steps forward resulting in the other team tripping but Gi-hun almost falling off the edge.

"Pull!" Sang-woo screamed, everyone started pulling making Gi-hun get back up.

Because the other team tripped we can pull easily making it hard for them to get up and keep slipping.

"Pull!" one of the dudes said, but it was already to late since they were over the edge already, "No!" one said before they fell off.

Them falling made the rope fall down with them resulting in us getting pulled and can't let go of the rope because of the handcuffs but lucky for us it chopped the rope in half before we could reach the edge.

The force was so hard we all fell down. Everyone was so tired and so was I.

We all made it back in the elevator when the girl I spotted started being sarcastic to this dude who was praying.

And once we got out of the elevator she said, "What's your name!" I didn't wanna tell her yet so I said "Don't need to know.

And soon enough we got back into the bedroom...

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