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This was requested by @doctorwholover5137 

Thanks for your request :)


Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom

Sherlock- Where are you John? I am waiting for you....

Watson- I am on my way, bumped into Mycroft. Took me to a remote place, so you didn't know where I was...

Sherlock- Did he offer money to spy on me?

Watson- Yes.

Sherlock- Did you take it?

Watson- No.

Sherlock- Pity, we could of split the fee, think it through next time.

Watson- Right... Ok, so I've got some DVDs with me. Hobbit, Phantom of the Opera and Doctor Who. 

Sherlock- Doctor Who, what on earth?

Watson- I thought you'd like it, it's like your life. Solving problems, getting all the credit, then nearly getting yourself killed.

Sherlock- Great, we'll watch that then.

Watson- I am outside. Open the door.

Sherlock- Don't you have a key?

Watson- Yes I do, I pop in all the time and make tea for you in the morning, of course I don't!

Sherlock- I will get Mrs Hudson to open it for you. See you in a moment. 

Sherlock left the chatroom 

Watson left the chatroom 


I think there should be a Wholock... Do you? 

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