Chapter 23

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"TESSA," David yelled as Tessa groaned, pulling the covers above her head as she tried to sleep. "TESS WHITE!"

He barged into the room and collapsed dramatically on the bed, lifting his leg up and kicking the brunette off the bed making her let out a yelp.

"WHAT?" She yelled at him as she sat on the floor, her hair was a mess and her eyes were droopy. 

"I asked Caroline out," he mumbled.

"You what?" Tessa's eyes almost popped out of their sockets as she quickly jumped onto her feet.

"I asked her out. And she said yes," he smiled. 

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Tessa squealed as she jumped onto the bed and hugged her best friend. "That is amazing! When is it? Where is it? You need new clothes."

"Woah breath Tess," David chuckled. "You're more excited than Aaron."

"Of course I am excited! This is hu-," Tessa cut herself off when she processed what she had just heard. She gasped dramatically as she scowled at her best friend. "You told Aaron before me?"

David's eyes widened as he slowly scooted away from the Shadowhunter, "N-no I would n-never do that." He sprinted outside her room with her chuckling and running behind him.

"Save me!" He yelled as he entered the kitchen, jumping onto Aaron's back. "DAD."

"What the-,  oh," Aaron chuckled as he rolled his eyes at the duo.

"Please don't let her kill me," he whimpered as Tessa giggled at him.

"Kids," Damon sighed from the table, cutting into his pancake. "Both of you."

"You love me Day-Day," Tessa called out.

"No, I don't," he called back.

David jumped off of Aaron's back and ran to steal Damon's while Aaron grabbed Tessa's waist and kissed her. Damon's heart sunk when he heard her giggle into the kiss.

"Oh enough with the PDA," Nathan called out as he came down the stairs with a blonde girl with messy hair following him.

Tessa shared an amused and knowing look with Aaron before smirking and turning to Nathan.

"Who is this young lady?" Aaron demanded.

"How do you know her?" Tessa narrowed her eyes. "And what did you have for dinner?"

"How long have you known her?" Aaron raised an eyebrow at the groaning blonde. "And was your dinner healthy?"

"Are you sure you didn't have anything junk?"

David burst out laughing and Damon chuckled as Nathan rolled his eyes as his cheeks flushed red, "Why do you two always get involved in my business. And Tessa it's none of your business what I had for dinner."

Tessa gasped and her mouth gaped open as she drew an insulted breath. Aaron stiffened beside her and placed his hand on her shoulder for support, hers covering it, both of thm putting on their best scolding faces.

"Apologize Tessa," Aaron commanded. "Now."

Nathan rolled his eyes before mumbling an apology, along with something about both of them being more immature than David. 

He turned around to talk to his companion to find her disappeared making Tessa and Aaron give him a sheepish and apologetic look.

"You little shits," he glared at them before snatching the piece of waffle Tessa had grabbed and biting into it. 

"You love us," Tessa smiled cheekily before quickly giving him a kiss on his cheek making a small blush form, which he instantly covered.

A/N -  Sorry for the short chapter again. Enjoy it. Dark stuff is going to come soon. Please don't kill me. :)

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