small details

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"You and me - always
- and forever.
You and me - always
- and forever."

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I lean against the doorframe waiting for an answer to the wooden front door of the big house in front of me. I sway on my feet slightly and push air through my teeth, anxious to see Sprite again after hundreds of years.

Kingo the jester, open up asshole.

The door swings open and he gasps. "Gaia!" He hugs me tightly and I push his forehead away from me. I look around and say "Where's Sprite?"

Kingo with a goatee what the hell??

He shrugs and says "She left, I got tired of moving around every 5 years, so she left at my request.."

My anger flares and I punch Kingo roughly in the arm and say "Are you kidding me?!" I punch him repeatedly my anger boiling over

He winces and says "Why did those punches hurt so badly? gahhh you have a strong punch! Owww." I smile satisfied he felt the pain of my punch and say "Where is she??"

He scratches the back of his neck. "I don't know.." I punch him again and he winces and whines. "oooowwwww." He grabs my hand and says "You are punching me with rings on! Wait... engagement ring on!? Gaia!"

I yank my hand away and say "I was looking to tell Sprite first. I can't believe you abandoned her!"

"I didn't abandon her per say..."

I push him and say "God I wish I could burn your face off. I'm so angry."

"Do I get an invite?"

"Hell no."

He scoffs and says "Come on Gaia. I've been number one supporter of your relationship with him."

"You're a shitty liar Kingo. We all know that you worshipped the ground Ikaris walked on and him and Sersi are your number ones. Besides, I never said I got engaged to Druig. Anyway, I'm going to go find my best friend that you apparently abandoned. I'm so dissapointed in you right now Kingo. So dissapointed."

I walk out of his house and he says "Wait! Mommm! Wait."

"Don't call me mom!"

I fly up and back to home base. I land and Makkari signs "Well?"

"Kingo left Sprite awhile ago. He said he was tired of moving around for her."

Makkari shakes her head and signs "What a dick."

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