Chapter 2: A Late Night

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Chapter Two: A Late Night gives an insight into how Dr DeLuca and Captain Bishop spent the night after their super long shift.

Maya POV:

"Fire Captain, huh? Impressive. I'm Doctor Carina DeLuca. It's nice to meet you." The woman said in her accent, Italian, I think.

"Yeah, first female Captain in Seattle. It's nice to meet you too, Carina." I say admiring her beautiful name.

"Wow. We only just met and you are already showing off. You make my job of delivering babies look mundane and boring." She replies in a joking tone.

"Absolutely not. You bring people into this world, I just try and save them from burning buildings and pass them over to the doctors in your hospital."

"Maya, please do not underestimate your job. Okay, the doctors at the hospital may finish your job but we would have no one to save if you weren't so good at your job!"

I blush a little at her flattery. Being used to my Dad belittling everything I do, I'm not used to people sounding impressed by the things I do.

It's not Wednesday but I can treat myself to self-care anyway, right?

Carina POV:

I made her blush. Which was kind of my intention, never have I seen a woman so beautiful, I didn't want the night to end without me at least getting her number. I don't want to leave this bar knowing I'll never see her again.

We sat, in silence drinking our drinks for a few minutes, it was oddly comforting. I like Maya's company.

Maya and I engaged in semi-flirty discussions about work, and her training at the academy and my experience as an intern in Italy. She actually seemed interested in what I had to say, I feel like I can tell her anything already.

"I'm sorry ladies, it's 2am, closing time. I'm going to have to ask you to leave now." The bartender says, surprising Maya and I out of our conversation.

"Woah, it's 2am already? I have work in four hours." The firefighter says, shocked.

"Ah, me too. I don't want the night to end though." I say, with the risk of making her think I'm needy.

"Me neither, come back to mine? I have wine?" She says, taking my hand in hers.

"I could never say no to wine and good conversation." I reply, following her out of the bar.

Both of us say thank you to the bartender and head out to Maya's place.

Maya POV:

I invited Carina back to my place, but she said something about "good conversation" maybe she doesn't want to have sex, surprisingly that didn't bother me, I like talking to Carina. Besides Andy, I have never felt this comfortable in another woman's presence before and it took me weeks to warm up to Andy.

As we arrive back at my place, I welcome Carina in and pour us both a glass of wine. We sit on the sofa, chatting happily. I pull the blanket off the back of the sofa and wrap it around Carina as I see her visibly cold. She wraps her arm around me and pulls the blanket around us both as we continue talking and drinking. I'm sure it's getting light outside by this point.

Carina POV:

"Oh no! That's my alarm..." I whisper trying to dig my phone out of my bag before waking Maya who is currently asleep on my lap.

Finally, I find it and shut it up.

"Hey, good morning." I say as Maya begins stirring. I'm shocked at how weirdly normal it feels waking up in her apartment.

"So we fell asleep, huh? What time is it?"

"5am, I have to be at work in an hour, it's a good thing I have a toothbrush and spare scrubs in my office. Not sure what I'm going to do about coffee though."

"You can have your morning coffee here, I can make you breakfast too!" Maya says as she walks towards her bathroom waving me in. "Here, I have a spare" she says handing me a toothbrush.

We have some coffee, and a quick bowl of cereal before Maya drives me to the hospital, we briefly exchange numbers and she tells me she will call me later.

Maya POV:

"Bishop, you look exhausted...long night?" Andy welcomes me into the station so politely.

"Uhh yeah. I met a woman, a Doctor at Joe's last night."

"Self-care on a Monday? Greedy Bishop."

"No, no. Nothing like that, well, she did spend the night but only because we talked for so long we got kicked out of Joe's and then talked all night long at my place and fell asleep on the sofa."

"Woah, Maya. That's unlike you, so do you like her? What's she like? Do I know her? What's her name?"

"I know. She's lovely, Uhh we spoke for hours, she's so interesting. You don't know her, she is an OBGYN at Grey-Sloan, she saved Laura and her baby yesterday and her name is Carina DeLuca. She gave me her number when I dropped her at the hospital."

So, are you going to call her? See her again? Or are you going to be typical Maya and not ever tell anyone and hope you never bump into her again?"

"I don't know Andy, she's beautiful, she's so warm and lovely but I don't know. What if I mess it up? Or fall for her and she doesn't feel the same? What if she just wants to be friends, maybe that's why we didn't have sex last night!"

"Maya, breathe. You are spiralling. Call her."

"Okay, you're right, I'll call her. Now go do some work."

As Andy closes the door, I pick up my phone to call Carina but I decide to text her instead...

Author's note: SORRY cliff-hanger, what do you think Maya's text will say? How far will this go?

Also, I'm aware this isn't great at the moment, I'm trying to lay down some foundations before all the drama picks up! I hope you're enjoying it regardless.

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