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warning: bad language ahead

With all that happened last night, I think it would be best that I go back to Cameron's house to apologize, even though it was Sierra's anger issues that got me kicked out. Our relationship feels like it's going down the drain. ***Not only can we get a perfect date to go by, but now, more people are coming into the equation. First it was Macy and Carter, and now it's Jack Gilinsky, and pertaining to the fact that I still haven't told Cameron that I'm tutoring him after school, this should be an interesting day.

***The guys were all in front of the school, and before I could reach closer to them, I knew exactly what they were talking about: Matt's back. I've missed Matt too, but I'm not fangirling like Carter. I get it, Matt was his best friend, but dude, take it down a notch.

"Hey guys," I said walking up to the guys. "What's up?"

"Matt's on his way!" Carter said shrieking. "I haven't seen him in forever."

"Carter, relax. He isn't Justin Timberlake." I said calming Carter down. "I just hope this school doesn't treat him any different for the three seconds he'll be here."

***"Yeah, and he isn't that famous; he's just known as the kid with the wacky video that got millions of hits, and moved to New York, nothing big," Carter said sarcastically.

"Yeah, exactly." I said to myself, shaking my head

"Madison, can we talk for a sec?" Cameron said, moving me from Nash and Carter. "I'm really sorry about last night, once again. I know you forgive me and all, but don't worry, I'm gonna find another date to make it better."

"Thanks babe, but I think I should be the one apologizing. There's something I need to tell you." I took a deep breath, and looked straight into his eyes. "I know you're not a big fan of Jack but-"

"Speaking of Jack, look over there." Cameron said interrupting me, as we both looked to see Jack in an amazing car.

I know Jack wasn't poor, but he wasn't wealthy either; and I thought Cam's car was incredible. His car was a red convertible, but with an awesome interior. Woah, the dude was loaded.

"Hey, is that who I think it is in the car?" Nash said, pointing to the car.

I mean, Cameron, Nash, Carter, and I were all thinking Matt, but c'mon, in what odds, would our dear (and now famous) friend, Matthew Espinosa, would be in a car with Jack Gilinsky?

"Matt!" Carter said, shrieking.

"Carter! I've missed you bro!" Matt said, jumping out of the convertible, hugging Carter. "Carter, the same Carter from before. Man you haven't changed." He said, whipping his sunglasses off.

"And Matt..." Carter said pausing, realizing what Matt was wearing. "You look a little Hollywood."

"C'mon dude, it's the same me, but with more money."

As Matt was continuing his greetings, I turned back to notice Jack, "How did you find Matt and give him a ride?" I asked Jack.

"This is his car, and he's my cousin. He's staying with us for his visit back."

There's a shock.
Small world.

"Guys, I haven't seen you in so long." Matt said walking the hallways with us. ***"So, how are my best friends, and favorite couple?"

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