Chapter 18: All With The Girls I

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Oh my, Folkzone! Is this chapter worth our time after waiting for days for this? Will this chapter be long enough to make it worth it? (I typed this a month ago. I'm so sorry lol)

I don't know with you but it's about to be a little bit more than 1400 words so your welcome, love you for being patient by the way! <3

A man named Arthur walks across the heartlands, a bandit for years with a lever action rifle in his hand surveys for carriages to rob and loot. Soon one will across him that will. Unfortunate for them, but fortunate for him. Not long after he shouted for the carriage to stop once he wore a bandana to cover half of his face and pointed the tip of the barrel on the driver.

The driver calmly surrendered to him but was shot dead by Arthur with a single bullet to the head, his body falls off from the carriage and the horses start to panic from the gunshot but luckily did not gallop away yet. Arthur heads inside the carriage to rob the passengers riding, a man who was scared to death begged him to not shoot him as Arthur shouted to give them all their money if they wanted to live. He gave all the money he had to the bandit, but the other did not.

A young man in his 30s grabbed the barrel aside and tried to take the rifle as he pulls it with all his strength he can muster but Arthur was having none of it, with one strong pull from him the young man was tugged away from the carriage. As he was trying to get up, Arthur pushes him back down with his foot and points the barrel right at his face, he told him that he wasn't supposed to fight and just give him the money but before the young man could say anything else to reply the bandit shoots him dead with one bullet to the chest, hitting the center of his own heart.

Insert dishonor bell sound effect here.

He turns back to see the cowardly passenger remaining, he shouted at him to get out and run before he's dead like the other two that he shot. The man then quickly gets out of the carriage before running away for his dear life to the nearest sheriff. Arthur walks to the back of the carriage to loot everything else, ammo, non-perishables such as canned apricots and corned beef along with the money including the ones that he looted from those he shot dead before raising his rifle in to the air and firing a stray round at the sky, making the horses gallop away along with the carriage itself.

Now outside the screen.

Malina: "63 dollars and 90 cents. Not bad for a carriage like that."

Y/N: "That's a lucky one to rob right there, could've been more if you sold that to the fence at Emerald Ranch."

The sour demon looks at you with confusion on her face, not having a single clue of what you just said.

Malina: "What do you mean?"

Y/N: "Oh.. I forgot that you haven't progressed much through the story yet. But don't worry you'll get there"

Back outside the room the Helltaker comes upstairs to tell something for the both of you, knocking on the door leading to the room of Malina she shouted to the other side to come in and make it quick.

Helltaker: "Hey we're all going out to the city in a few minutes, thought you both would like to come."

Lucifer: "And even if saying no, you are still required to come with all of us."

"And where did you come from?!"

Y/N: "A few minutes eh? Yeah we're both coming. Come on Malina, turn off the game." Asking her whilst you stood up and turn to the door.

She doesn't budge as she was still focused on the game with her eyes set on it and her hands fiddling with the controller. The world of Red Dead Redemption just keeps you immersed and away from the real world, it's a work of art to play for hours and hours on end without stopping, and that's what's happening with Malina. She's too immersed on the world of outlaws.

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