Pain Is Natural <Hiro>

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------------(Yns) Pov---------

I woke up stiff, like very other day before. I groaned in pain as I sat up, my spin cracking. I bit my lip and whimpered. Standing up slowly, I felt my knee crack, my elbows crack. Everything. Just crack. It was nice until my right knee, the one that did crack, give out. I yelped as I tumbled into my bed.

"(Yn)! You ok?!" I looked up and seen Hiro standing over me, trying to help me up. Once I was sitting up, I nodded.

"It just hurts. . " I mumbled.

"What me to get the cream again?" I nod and watch him leave. I sniffle and switch my baggy shirt to a tank top. When Hiro got back, he handed me the ice cream. I ate it slowly. Hiro sat behind me and gently rubbed my stiff shoulders. I kept eating, occasionally moaning at the feeling. "Hiro. . . L-lower. ." I bit my lip as I feel his big hands travel lower. He gently kisses my neck. "Lower?" he mumbls into my ear. I nod and moaned. Soon, his hands are rubbing my lower back. I smile, feeling much better. "Thank you Hiro."

"Anytime babe~ Anytime~" he mumbled into my ear lowly.

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