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" Being gay is a sin. I hope you go to hell and suffer for it!" I yelled, releasing all of my pent-up anger on Chase.

My best friend.

The locker room went silent. The air tensed and I clenched my fists. Chase looked terrified and I could tell because he had this look in his eyes.

  Everyone in the room just seemed to stare at him. Watching him at his most vulnerable state.

" I hope you rot." I yelled before punching him in the the stomach.

That was me during my freshman year of high school. When I was a complete idiot.

  I was a kid who was repulsed by the idea of a guy falling in love with another guy. As i grew up and became a teen, I was still repulsed by the idea. But things were slowly beginning to take a turn for the worst.

I turned off my phone and my eyes quickly landed on him, yet again.

My heart started to throb and butterflies filled my stomach. I had never felt that way towards anyone...

Sure, I'd dated and f-cked chicks. But I'd never felt the feeling that was described in books. At least not since Chase left. It was like he was hypnotizing me.

From his brown eyes to his gentle hair.  It was all mesmerizing.

He looked up and our eyes meet. For a moment time seemed to stop.

His face turned bright red as he seemed to realize something. But his expression quickly changed and he scoffed. He brought his attention back to the computer and I kept on staring.

My eyes landed on his lips. He had the most beautiful lips I'd ever laid my eyes upon. I didn't realize I was staring until his cheeks turned into an even brighter shade of red.

' F~ck! I need to stop staring or I'll lose control and .....'

' And what?' I questioned myself, when my thought stopped itself mid-sentence. I stopped staring and turned my phone back on. I looked at the half-naked model on my screen.

I obviously found her hot because I was straighter than a pole. I had to be.

POV : this is the pole he's referring to

Ugh I know I should be busy trying to finish my other stories but I have no motivation

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Ugh I know I should be busy trying to finish my other stories but I have no motivation. Whatsoever.

Published on November, 28, 2021. 9 : 28 am.

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