I Promised You

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During Valen's funeral, Hydra successfully infiltrated the holding cells where Von and Ivan were being kept. All of the Avengers were being occupied by a funeral they didn't know was not necessary, giving Hydra enough time to swoop in and take what they needed.

Valen was back to her schedule she didn't remember she used to have. She woke up early everyday, always in a constant training state. If she wasn't working out, she was sparring. When she wasn't sparring, she was working on her abilities. They finally took the cuffs off of her after a few days of being wiped.

Any memory she used to have was out of the window. The furthest thought she has was Zory welcoming her home. This place didn't feel home to her though. She knew that much.

Hydra was planning on staying low for as long as possible. Breaking Von and Ivan out was a huge risk they were willing to take. Von wasn't allowed to go back to his house because they knew it was under a microscope by agents after the breakout. He was to stay with Hydra until they could relocate him to get back to spying for them.

Ivan was to resume his studies immediately. He was to continue seeing how to give girls powers by using Valen's DNA. That way Hydra has more unstoppable soldiers in their armies.

"Zory-" Ivan knocked on Zoey's door for an idea he needed permission on. However, not calling out the correct way to greet Zory made him glare at Ivan murderously. The young male ego over filled with too much authority was showing. "Sorry. Sir, I have an idea I would like your permission on."

"What is it?"

"As you know, there's only been one successful trial with your plan."

"And where is Sasha?"

Ivan swallowed a lump in his throat. "She's dead... Sir. Along with Harold who accompanied her on the day we heard the Avengers were breaking out our test subjects."

Zory slammed his hand on the table. "The only girl who survived your tests is now dead?"

"And Harold."

"I don't care about Harold, Ivan. I care about the only person who you could've studied to understand what you did that worked!" Zory's voice bounced off the walls in anger.

"I'm sorry Sir."

Zory took a deep breath. "What's your idea."

"May I use Obscurity, now that we have her back, to study her again? New samples could help drastically."

"Yes, take her. Now get out of my face."

Ivan nodded his head and walked out of Zory's office. He went to his experiment room to start setting up for when he uses Valen tonight.

Valen was sparring with a Hydra agent. No powers were allowed during these sessions because she needed to be trained to kill with her bare hands. If her powers were to fail for whatever reason, they needed to make sure she could still complete her mission.

The man made an advance, but Valen grabbed onto his arm to pull herself over onto his shoulders. She then maneuvered down so that her legs were wrapped around the man's neck and pulled him down. A move she leaned from her friend Natasha, but of course Valen didn't know that.

"What the hell was that?" He spit on the ground beside him after getting back up.

Valen shrugged her shoulders. No emotions dared to show on her face. She didn't know how she knew that move, it was just an instinct.

"What's your name?"


"What's your real name?" He spat.

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