Chapter 5

meeting mummy dear…


It was Saturday morning when Kristine had pushed me into the car. After the whole lunch ‘date’ with Mr Annoying, things were settling a bit between us. David had learned a bit about me and I had learned a bit about him. However, it didn’t really mount much when he insisted that it still didn’t really affect the way he looked at me. He still was wary of me and my fists.

Saturday was the day that Kristine decided to visit our mum, who by the way, lived about five hours journey from New York by car. The phone call was less than happy, to be honest. David had realised that maybe meeting our mother wouldn’t be such a great idea after all, not after the way she had yelled at Kristine over the phone for such a late call.

However, what must be done, had to be done. Grumbling as I entered the car, I felt the tiredness seeping into me once again. “It’s only six in the morning, Kristine,” I said as she nodded, immediately closing her driver’s door and starting the engine of the car. David sat next to her and made himself comfortable. Kristine still doesn’t know that David was the one who I had punched and for the record, I thought it would be for the best.

She would’ve killed me if she did find out.

“The earlier we get there, the less annoyed mum will be,” she said as she empathised on the word ‘annoyed’. We both knew that if our mother was annoyed, things likely wouldn’t be better for us. Nodding and grumbling at the same time, the car started to back away from the parking lot. “Well, here we go.”

Along the way, the whole entire ride was chattered up with some music or talks about work. And then, all attention was on me all of a sudden when Kristine decided to ask me about Jake. “So, how are you and Jake?”

Blushing red at his name, I looked away from the window and stared at her back. “What do you mean?”

“Who’s Jake?” David asked as he looked at Kristine.

“Ah, he’s the boy that hangs out with Charlie a lot. She has a major crush on him,” Kristine said as she chuckled. “It’s so cute!”

“Kristine! What are we? Fifteen?” I asked as my cheeks reddened deeper. Kristine just rolled her eyes as I caught David smirking at me.

“So, an unrequited love?” he asked, somehow inserting some mock horror into his voice. “Must suck.”

I rolled my eyes at him as Kristine chuckled. She had gotten used to our bantering when she walked on us fighting one day. She was horrified for one reason, stating that she had never expected this to happen. I believe it was about two days ago after the lunch ‘date’ that Kristine found out that we weren’t really in good terms, even though she had tried to pry us for the reasons. All I could say at that time was that David hates me for no reason. Kristine wasn’t happy though.

She had inquired about his hate and asked him if he was the type of person who would judge someone for their looks. David denied it immediately, which shocked me. I didn’t expect him to be so honest about that matter. However, he did say that I had a rotten personality. Which resulted in an angered Kristine. At the end, we had a little family discussion and somehow, after that, our bantering was like something used as to get closer together.

Even though, that was far from true but Kristine believed it so since she said she never saw David being so responsive to someone except her before and she was glad that somehow, I was able to do that to him as well. It just showed how well he perceived this whole thing.

Again, she was dead wrong but it wouldn’t kill her for believing in that.

“It’s not like I love him or anything,” I blurted out as Kristine suddenly squealed.

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