4. Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane

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A/N: I haven't revisited this is so long! But I hope this impromptu revision and little edit craze helps with any confusions that the draft may have given.


A week. Putting up with that annoyingly happy little blackette was now becoming semi-normal for me. The car rides were bearable if the radio was on to drown out his nonsensical humming, the interrogating wasn't all that difficult to mediate between his cheery self and my impassive expressions while other matters... Well, coffee wasn't that disagreeable sitting across from him as he talked about everything and anything.

He'd dragged me around three times for these things.

The office was louder too. That was the only downside. He joined in on the wheelie-chair races the officers had down the halls, he aided in the pranks towards other prankster officers and then to make matters worse, had entered into a prank war with the twins five times already. He'd won three of them.

Driving with a short man smelling of flowers and berries (more so than the usual) was Hell for my sensitive nose. Another day, he'd jumped in with pink and green paint in his black hair, making me nearly show him just how much he'd amused me. A snort had escaped and that made him grin like an idiot for the rest of the day, especially when every time I looked at him, I couldn't help but huff in some semblance of laughter.

Today was a calmer day, cruising along and listening to the blackette botching the lyrics to an old 90's song as he relied on vowels alone. I tapped along to the beat with my finger on the steering wheel, eyes never landing on the fellow cop beside me in case they stayed there. He was distracting by looks and didn't need his loud voice to draw attention.

"There!" He pointed.

I instinctively looked in the general direction, sensitive nose picking up the faint scent of... "Pixie dust exchange," I groaned. This was not going to be a good day. Twice in a week? The narcotic, a natural and very intoxicating substance, was dangerous to me and my wolf. The last time I'd been hit with it directly at a drug bust, my wolf had clawed out and chased out ally and foe from the building to then go roaming high in the nearby woods for a few days. It was territorial and dangerous so I now carried with me a mask suited for this occasion along with the tablet. Still, it was risky. I drove by, turning down a side road and parking carefully. Maybe the little guy should stay in the car.

After all, I attempted to reason away the slither of concern, he would get in my way. Probably get intoxicated too. I still had little to no idea what he was, but I knew enough to never cross him unless I wanted my desk swarmed with toads. It had taken Derek (after he'd pissed Abe off and invoked the new officer's ire) two whole days to actually locate them all and throw them into a crate.

Fishing out my mask, I noted the frown on Abe's face turn into one of understanding. "Cool!" He breathed, reaching forward to trace a line along the smooth surface and the mouth-guard filter. "Looks silver too!"

I nodded, turning off the car and ignoring him now. He hopped out quickly, no more jittery than usual as he waited for me to come out as well. The radio at my chest buzzed as the voices of our security back in the precinct buzzed too. "Drug bust on 17th. Do you require back-up, Wolf?" They asked.

"Only another team. It seems like it's small for now. We're going in," I told them in a grumble.

"Roger. Sending over back up now, Wolf," They dutifully responded.

"Let's go," The chirpy Abe proposed, already flouncing forward. "The dealers are still there and I already ran a report on the buyer who is being put through the system for any possible past digressions."

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