Chapter 2. Nightmare.

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“Angel, come on we are leaving in a minute” My mum said knocking on my bedroom door.

“I’m coming” I said hoping off my bed and opening the door.

“Are you ready? Do you have everything?” My mum asked as we headed down the stairs.

“Yeah I think so if not I’ll just buy it when I get there” I said wickedly smiling at her.

“Yes with your own money” She said emphasising the ‘your’.

“Of course” I said laughing.

“Ok go hop in the car” She said pushing me to the direction of the front door.  I just smiled at her and went to hop into the Collins’s car. I don’t know why we didn’t just take ours, I guess because mum wouldn’t have known where to go or just the fact that she wanted to spend time with Stefan. Either way I was that happy due to the fact that I knew I would have to ride with a certain someone.

My smile instantly faded as I seen Jeremy in the back seat. His reaction was the complete opposite of mine. Once his sapphire eyes settled on mine, his face lit up with a wicked smile and his eyes lit up with amusement. I just scoffed at him as I jumped into the car completely ignoring him.

“Hey Angel, you ready to give me some of that heavenly love yet?” He said, his voice leaking with amusement.

“Sorry but you don’t cut it for this Angel” I said clearly stating as I continued to took out the window and silently praying that either Mum or Stefan would hurry up and save me.

“Angel, there is not a women on this earth that wouldn’t want me” He said chuckling.

“You’re wrong I can name 2, my mum and I” I said snapping at him and his big ego.

“Mm smart, sexy and feisty, well aren’t you quite a package” He laughed.

“Nope, and no one will never have this package because the seal never opens” I said emphasising the word package.

“I bet I could change your mind by the end of these 4 months” He dangerously said.

“Well big boy I’ll love watching you try” I said smiling as I quickly glanced at him before putting my ear phones in and drowning out the rest of the world.


“Angel, for the love of god wake the hell up” I heard someone say as I felt my shoulders being shaken.

“Huh” I said blinking my eyes due to the sudden light. The first thing that my mind put together was the fact that I was facing the bottom half of someone’s body.

Hey Jeremy has that belt.

As quickly as I could I jumped up, a little squeal escaped my lips as I took in my surrounds.  Well at least I was still in the car.

“Good evening Angel” I heard from beside me, someone was way to close. I turned my head and my eyes confirmed that it was in fact Jeremy that I was leaning against, well actually I was kind of leaning on only moments ago.

“Argh get away from me” I said pushing myself off from him and moving to side of the car that I was originally siting in.

“Umm Angel, you were the one on top of me” He said his eyes seemed to sparkle, and a wicked grin from on his face. That freaking pervert!

“Did not! You pulled me over too you, didn’t you? You pervert” I snapped.

“If I had done that I would be the one that was on top” He said shrugging his shoulders.

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