*Picture of Polly*

"Hello." I answered my phone.

"Hey Sis, come and be our designated driver." Molly says into the phone.

"Where are you?" I sigh.

"We're at the biker bar. Come on." She hangs up.

Now I have to change out of my comfy pajamas and into some clothes.

After a quick shower, I changed into white flowered shorts, a purple spaghetti tank top, a sheer, lace purple sleeveless top with a collar and white converses. I left my hair straight, I grabbed my phone and my car keys and I was out the door.

It took me a whole twenty minutes to get to the biker bar.

My sisters would be at a biker bar out of all the places in town.

I take a deep breath before climbing out of my car. I walk into the biker bar trailing all attention to me.

Damn it, I've never been a big fan of attention.

I immediately spotted my sisters at a back booth drinking their asses off.

I feel everybody eyes on me as I walk towards my sisters.

"You made it, finally." Holly smiles.

"You look cute, showing some skin, I like." Molly chuckles as I sit down next to her.

"Why are you here?" I frown at them.

"Tough day at work, I need to unwind." Molly sighs.

"Did you see it when she first walked in?" Holly nudges Molly.

"Hell yeah, all the guys were looking at you with pure lust in their eyes." Molly wiggles her eyebrows.

"Is that supposed to make me feel good?" I frowned.

"Polly, you're our triplet and we love you till death but twenty-three is too old to be a virgin. You got to get out there and see how amaze sex is." Holly smiles at me.

I just shake my head.

"I'll be outside when you guys are ready." I muttered walking outside for some fresh air.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?" Some guy slurs walking up behind me.

"Don't touch me." I snapped.

"What's the matter? Think you're too good for me." He snarls pushing me down to the ground.

Before he can climb on top of me he flies backward onto the ground with some guy on top of him pounding his face in relentlessly until the bastard is passed out.

"You okay Miss?" He stops and walks over to me and extends a long, muscled, tattooed arm in my direction.

I nod and take his hand.

"Thank you." I smile at him completely forgetting about the asshole who was definitely going to rape me.

"No problem..." He trails off.

"Polly." I finish for him.

"Roman." He smiles a perfect smile down to me.

"Well thanks again."

"What are you doing out here all by yourself?" He questions sitting next to me on the bench.

"Waiting for my sisters to finished drinking so I can drive them home." I sigh.

"Let me guess, you're taken?" He asks.

"No, I'm not." I look up at him to find his intense gaze on me.

"Lucky for me then." He smirks down at me.

I don't respond, just keep my eyes trained on my hands in my lap.

"How old are you?" He questions.

"Twenty-three." I respond.

"How many siblings do you have?" He asks after a moment of silence.

"I have five older brothers, four older sisters, my two other triplets, five little sisters and six little brothers." I respond.

"So there's twenty-three of you?" He questions shocked.

"You bet." I smile.

"Wow, your parents must like children." He states wide eyed.

"Love children. Started out early. Mom first had my older brother at thirteen. Then my second older brother at sixteen, the third one at eighteen. The fourth one at nineteen. The fifth one at twenty-one. Then my sisters came along. She had the first girl at twenty-two. The second girl one at twenty-four, the twins at twenty-five. Then at twenty-eight she had my sisters and I. Then at thirty she had my first little brother. Then at thirty-five she had my little sister. Then at thirty-seven she had quadruplets which was my three little brothers and my little sister and lastly at forty-seven she had the quintuplets, three girls and two boys." I finished and cast a glance over at him. He has an arched eyebrow.

"Wow, sound like she popped out a new kid every one or two years." He chuckles.

"So you have any siblings?" I asked.

"An older brother and little sister." He answers.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"I'm thirty-five." He says nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"You're so old." I grin.

"Hey, I'm only twelve years older than you." He grins. "So what do your parents do for a living?" He asks.

"My dad is lawyer and my mom is a stay at mom." I explain.

"Wow." He comments.

"What do you do for a living?" I asked curious.

"I'm vice president of the biker gang Hell Hounds." He says looking me in the eyes with a smirk. "What about you babe?" He asks with a lopsided smile.

"I'm a designer and or planner." I said.

"What do you design?" He asks.

"Pretty much anything. Tops, purses, pants, dresses including wedding dresses, cakes, jewelry, shoes, how to decorate your house well anything according to how you want it." I explain.

"Wow. I guess it pays well." He says.

"Depends on the time and effort I put into it and that determines how much I charge my clients." I explain.

"Do you love it?" He asks.

"It's my passion. When I was little, my favorite movies were the Bratz movies because of the fashion sense. I guess it's silly." I shake my head.

"No, it's not silly at all." He looks down at me with a sexy half smile. "What do you like to do for fun?" He questions.

"Horseback riding, swimming, and reading." I explain. "You?"

"Riding my motorcycle, sex, and hanging with my boys." He shrugs reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of smokes.

"We're ready Polly." Molly and Holly comes out stumbling a little bit.

"See ya and thanks again." I said my voice in a low whisper that he probably didn't even hear me.

We all climb into my car and when I look out of the windshield. I see him but now his lap occupied some whore who is kissing his neck.

I don't know why but jealously sparks inside me.

"Who's Mr. Hunk?" Molly asks.

"His name is Roman, he's a part of Hell Hounds." I muttered pulling off.

I drop my sisters off at home and then I headed home.

Once inside my house, I strip until I'm in my underwear and climb into bed drifting off into sleep.


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