Chapter 22

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  Their bouts of anger and constant battle was taking a toll on everyone around them. Things got worse, much worse when Aidan along with the rest of the keeps  occupants were involved in their war.

Aidan felt the main brunt of it all, one day when one of Duncan and Tara's  revenge scurried into his chamber into his bed while he was in the most pleasurable  company of one of the servants. Gertrude, a buxom  beauty whimpered and moaned beneath him as he rocked between her  shapely thighs. After a while, their sweet union was cut short when the vilest of creatures crawled onto the pillow, into her hair, and then her face.

Eight legs and all broke out a blood curdling scream that nearly shook the rafters. Tossed to the floor he watched her run naked in all her glory from his chamber.

The intended bucket of  lard left above the garderobe door was the last straw.
Slipping and sliding all over the staircase, he took care not to fall. They were  going to hear him out  before he took one ultimate fall to his death.
Marching and skidding over to the large table, he stood dripping before his father. Bushy white brows stared up at him in shock.
Next to him sat Duncan branding his most elegant smile, he could have sworn this last assault was meant for him and not for Tara.
Glaring at him sideways he brushed off the thought and leaned over the table to face Duncan.

"This bloody behavior must end" Duncan hissed between clenched teeth .

Raising his brows in surprise, Duncan crossed his arms before his chest and leaned back against his chair.

"Aye! and why is that brother?"

"You know why! I grow weary of this,"

"Because the jest is on you?"

"Aye, because tis on me besides some one can get severely hurt,"

"Hurt!!!"  Duncan yelled sitting up straight he faced Aidan with the same glare.

"Did you think of that when you helped her nearly try to dismember me?"

"You...have..been through much worse in enemy hands." Aidan whispered leathally slow.

"Then tell me great one, how do we remedy this," Duncan leaned back staring at Aidan.

Their heated argument went in circles with harsh insults and curses, Ardolf stood abruptly pounding his stick to the floor as his two sons were nearly going to blows over the table.

"Silence!" Ardolf roared.

Stopping the lewd insults, they stared at eachother.
Ardolf looked at Duncan then to Aidan that still dripped globs of goo.

Their now ordered civilized conversation ordered by their father went in circles still with no resolve.

"Need I remind you this is your doing?"

"Don't place the blame on me. If she wasnt so bloody...." Duncan could not find the words to describe her only his mind spoke words he dared not say out loud.

Defiant, gorgeous, breathtaking

"Right this mess Duncan or I will," Aidan warned.

"I have not had a decent nights sleep or a wench to warm my bed in days. I grow weary of this, Duncan"

"I won't back down until she gives in, not a moment sooner." Duncan warned.

Aidan shook his head, angry that Duncan was so stubborn.

"You know she will not," Aidan said.

Duncan shrugged his shoulders then stood.

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