2. New Partner

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His first day here and he was already laughing along with the idiots known as Derek and Shawn. The twins were louder than most and combined with the new partner of mine, it was torture.

I stalked over to them as soon as I signed in at the front desk, glare set on the twins who immediately scrambled away while Abe was confused. I tapped his shoulder, making him whip around and gape up to me. It was quickly replaced with a big grin. "Morning!" He chirped, the corners of his eyes crinkling with the force of his smile.

I grunted, not one to speak so early in the morning.

"Got here earlier than you," He preened cutely, seeming proud of the fact. Still cute, even in his uniform of white button up shirt with our Stations' insignia on the left pocket and baggy black cargo pants, he must be male. Still, his annoyingly sweet and calming scent made my wolf go against everything grouchy and try to make me smile as well. Traitorous wolf instincts. I turned away and stalked over to my desk, no longer free to have two of them to myself now that I had a partner in the tiny man. Said tiny man sat down opposite me and smiled again.

"So... Have any tips for this new precinct?" He asked amiably.

"Don't get in my way," I huffed, leaving it at that. The sooner I scared them off, the better. The others around me walked on eggshells, even those fellow Were's, but I had an uneasy feeling scaring this Pixie-like guy off would require more scowls and reprimands than the norm. He seemed amused by them more than anything.

"Okay," He agreed with another dazzling grin. "Anything else?"

I used the excuse of turning on my computer screen to ignore his prompting. Quiet, that blessed gift, fell over us until...

The tune was eerily familar, a whistling that was slowly getting on my nerves with it's off key pitches and jaunty pauses. I glared up to him, seeing that he was setting up his things. They all smelt like him, with a hint of copper.

"My Guardian raised me in a smelting factory," He spoke out loud, putting down the only photo frame he had. It held the picture of an old mortal-looking man and a woman with slitted eyes, sharp teeth and a forked tail. "His latest wife; she's the nicest so far and she's a Fury."

I wanted to smile, but I also knew to never to if I wanted to get rid of this hyperactive kid I couldn't give in to the first. I huffed in answer, yet that didn't deter him either.

"Tryghr (pronounced Trigger) told me that as soon as I got here, I should make what's best of it all and I'm going to make sure to do it. That means coffee," He rambled.

I wonder if that was a special skill of his; to ramble on with random and unnecessary things? I wanted to avoid him already, but my wolf was uncharacteristically calm and kept me seated.

"Don't go pouting; I promise I'll pay and even throw in a pie. You can never have enough pie," He went on, oretty pink tongue poking out of his mouth as he threw up an orb of white to set up his own barrier of security systems. One of the resident witch police women were good with them but didn't share in her secrets without a good helping of goblin gin so most desks went unsecured. "I like berries too much to be healthy so I always get the strawberry and blueberry."

Must be a gift and a curse to me that he could ramble like it was nobodies' business.

"Then there's apple pie and that's still pretty good," He didn't stop. "But I personally steer clear of the meat pies."

Meat, huh?

"Tinson!" Someone barked and I looked up to glare at the Chief. At first glance all one saw was scars and thread, but looking closer this well-put together cousin of the Great Frankenstein he was a little on the annoying side. Too sharp and stupidly happy for my sour tastes. Abe Tinson met my eyes and then raised them in the direction I was glaring before he grinned widely in greeting. "So you got here without any troubles?" The man asked the finally quiet new partner of mine.

Tinson. I'd heard that name before...

"No trouble at all, Sir," He grinned with a playful salute. "This is nicer than my old town. Hopefully, not as boring either."

"It definitely will be," He smirked, eyes flickering from him to me then back. "So you've met you partner as well."

"Sure have," He laughed, throwing me a bright smile. I blinked, turning back to the screen instead or letting them bother me. Sometimes I hated these hypersensitive senses of mine. "We're going to go and get coffee and pie for the lunch break."

I growled, but it didn't work at all on the shorty. Even the Chief looked a little worried, knowing how volatile I was from time to time, but my wolf wasn't growling. Stupid wolf!

"I see," The Chief chuckled nervously. "The introductions are soon and your first briefing will be a boring one I'm afraid. We have some special spells set up to record the discussions and you and your partner are at the front row to sort out some potential problems for you."

"It's a briefing nonetheless. Don't worry about the ear-thing either because I've got some handy spells for that too. Thanks for the help anyway," Abe replied, putting the huge Chief's worries to rest with his smile.

Dull and nondescript; that was how I liked my life since I'd first remembered. I wasn't an adventurous person but sitting directly across a beaming Abe I wasn't quite sure it would remain so for long.

The fellow officers around me were watching the front but sneaking glances over every few seconds. I kept my distance but even then it didn't deter the worst of the sticky-beaks. This task force were smaller than the average, consisting of a few other less than-mortal beings. The first was a short brunette girl known as Elizabeth Hart sitting beside a tall Japanese man known as Kyo fidgeting nervously. As shy as they came, Kyo helped her by doing most of the talking in broken English, but I'd heard them conversing cheerfully in Japanese on many occasions. Next was Bob Blart, an overweight transfer from Accounting who did most of the Desk work. I scented all sorts of fruits and metals on him which made me think he may be distantly related to some of the goblins around the area. His partner, Jim Henderson was a wiry computer-hacker turned law enforcer with some harpy blood in his veins.

Too many (nine) names to mention and all of them were tiring. I didn't mind the quiet people so much; the shy Elizabeth was good company since she didn't annoy me and just sat there and listened to music as she worked. Kyo was also good company; he knew to keep a comfortable silence. Probably the most quiet couple here, I turned back to glare at the guffawing twins, hitting them upside their heads as they sat in front of me.

Abe snickered into his palm and rolled his eyes at my scowl, standing when the Chief introducing the new transfer waved over to him. Already I could tell he was going to have little problems making friends in this precinct.

"So, partner," He said, voice too nice to ignore regrettably. My wolf forced my jaw around so that I was facing him. "First day. Do we get to go out for second breakfast before going out on the town?"

"Desk duty today," I grumbled, hating that I was to talk to this idiot.

"Oh! Good thing I brought some eclairs to work then!" He smiled, hyper as ever as the briefing was finally over. I missed the compulsory silence already.

I winced. Of course he'd have a sweet tooth. He basically reeked of sweets and sugar. Then, there was that little undertone of pixie and... blood? Narrowing my eyes at him, I searched for any indication of possible intoxication, but the pixie scent was all in his aura, nowhere in his system.

What was he?

The worst thing was, first day on the job and he was already making me have to deal with something I hated. Curiosity.


A/N: I'm not really sure if you hate these, but I thought I should add that Jun and Seth (From Lion in the Wolf Den) will be coming in a little later if you've read it. It was kind of a try at a new projext with same sex couples and I enjoyed writing it, so... I wanted to keep them going just a little longer:) But these could be read independently because, even though the Lion ITWolf Den is almost done, Abe is my new favourite:)

Enjoy and I don't usually write 'cop stories' so excuse any mistakes because hey! My universe, my random character and lazy police force in it:)

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