Chapter 19: Change of Plans

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Hola everyone! Here's ch 19...duh. It's 10:30pm for me so I kept my promise with an upload today :P Sorry if you live in a different time-zone but that's the way the world works! Hope you like the chapter!


Chapter 19:





It was quiet in the living room as she gazed around. Her two suitcases were packed by the door reminding her of what had to happen. She bit her cheek hard enough to hurt so it would take away the sting in her heart. Now all was needed was the letter. The letter that sealed her fate and would make this all more real. Closing her eyes she willed herself not to fall apart but Wendy jumped when her cell rang. She’d have to leave that behind too. Her mom’s name flashed on the screen and ignoring the look of the others she chose to pick it up “H-Hello?” was her shaky reply. “Hey honey! Just wanted to let you know your father and I are picking up dinner then we’ll be home. I can’t sleep one more night in that awful cot, plus your brother is recovering well, so we don’t need to stay there tonight.” Her mother’s voice was bitter sweet to her. On one hand she was glad she could talk to her once more, but on the other it made leaving that much harder.




“O-Oh…sounds good.” It took everything she had not to break down and cry like she so desperately wanted to. It was quiet for a moment before, “Sweetheart? Is everything alright? You sound upset.” Closing her eyes she was ready to reply when suddenly she was airborne as Vincent carried her to the other side of the room making the phone drop to the floor and caused Wendy to scream. “Let go of me!” She yelled when angry tears rolled down. Her small hands beat at him with confusion and anger. She could hear her mother’s frantic voice on the other end and grew more alarmed and confused when Vincent nodded at Darcy. Darcy then picked up the phone and turned it off.




“What the hell are you doing?! Let me go!” Vincent let her go with a sigh and when Wendy made a go to pick up her phone to call her mom back, he shook his head. “This way, you won’t be betraying them. They won’t go on for the rest of their lives thinking, ‘what did I do wrong?’ or, ‘will she come back?’. This way they can channel their anger and hurt to someone who took you away…me, not you.” Wendy shook her head when she realized why he did that. “They’ll still be heartbroken over this-” he cut her off.




“Yes, but they’ll heal quicker knowing that the more time grows with you gone the lesser the chance of you coming back. If you were to simply run away they would be stuck hoping that you’ll eventually come back. Now we need to go, I’m sure that call will have them calling the police.” He turned to Darcy and Anya while Asher watched silently, “Tear this place up. Don’t destroy anything valuable, just make it look like a struggle okay? We’ll meet you at Darcy’s soon. Asher…you follow them when they leave.” Wendy didn’t know how to feel about this new arrangement. On one hand she knew this way her family wouldn’t hate her, but on the other it devastate them thinking she’s probably dead.

“ We need to go.” Vincent said as he held his arms out to her. Although she was still hurt by the whole situation she just couldn’t resist the comfort his embrace brings, so she let him carry her bridal style while he left her bags to the others. Her neck began to throb painfully causing her to groan to herself. Not already! Knowing what she needed Vincent took her outside before biting into her. Sighing in relief, she laid her head against his shoulder once he pulled away. He made it quick, but Wendy noted it no didn’t bring the immense pleasure as usual. It was embarrassing to ask but her curious mind wouldn’t let it rest. Before he could really take off she blurted it out. “Why doesn’t it feel the same?…I-I mean, it f-feels relieving but…” She trailed off with a red face.

He let a small smile slip but didn’t look to her. He was respecting her boundaries that she placed up in the past few hours. It hurt him, but he wanted to make this transition as painless as possible. “Your body isn’t recognizing my bite as pleasure any longer, it’s only seeing it as a way to appease it’s need so to speak. Much like an addict with their vice of choice.” It made sense but it was all so weird to think that her body basically had a mind of it’s own in such an extreme way.

“Hold tight.” He murmured in her ear. She shivered slightly but tucked her head into the crook of his neck, trying not to cry. Her eyes went to her house once more before it suddenly disappeared. It was like they were flying through the cool night air. All of this didn’t seem real to Wendy. She felt like any moment she would wake up and find this all some amazing, scary, hurtful, incredible dream. Tightening her hold on the collar of his jacket she scrunched her eyes closed while she tried to shield herself from the icy wind. Her glasses were secure on her face for once, to which she was grateful for. She’d hate to have to double back to find them in the dark.

It was minutes later before she felt the wind stop which gave her the okay to look. They were at Darcy’s again. Vincent set her down without saying anything, but let her take it in. She stayed quiet and listened to distant frogs and the soft rustle of leaves. Turning around abruptly she looked at him with a torn expression. “I don’t know what to feel!” She shouted feeling this volcano of emotions sprout about. He stood there letting her get this out. She paced back and forth.

“This isn’t fair! I want to hate you! I want to hate you so bad, but I can’t! You, you….arg!” She went up to him and hit him over and over again trying not to cry. He then wrapped his arms around her. “I know, I know.” He murmured and kissed the top of her head. Her emotions seemed to be on a never ending high as tears leaked out. “Why am acting like this?! I feel so conflicted it hurts!” She said with gritted teeth and white knuckles from gripping his shirt too hard. He pulled her back enough to really look at her. “It’s normal, and it’s going to increase until…the day I turn you-” She turned away feeling frustrated, yet also wanting to kiss him like crazy.

“Everything is falling to shit because that stupid bite! I lost my will to do what I want, I lost my family but…ah! Why do I love you?!” She yelled out  feeling relieved to get it all out. Oh yes, she was venting and surprisingly it was to Vincent. It was too late to stop what she said though. With wide eyes she slowly turned back around. Vincent was looking at her with shock as well. “I-I…no, it’s too early!” He stalked up to her with passion filled eyes. “By who’s standards? The rest of the worlds? Our relationship is completely different to any others!  I fell in love with you the moment I connected with you! Why is it so difficult for you to admit you love me back?” He ended in a whisper and caressed the side of her face.

Their relationship was different that was true. Not many girls can say they found their ‘soul-mate’ per say. It’s just so hard to wrap her head around the fact that everything in her said she loved Vincent. Her common sense kept reminding of in lists of why she shouldn’t. By all accounts she should want nothing to do with him! She couldn’t lie to herself, not about something this big. “I…I love you, there you heard it-” He kissed her, cutting her off. She sighed into him and just told herself to forget for now. As they say, ignorance is bliss. Wendy then decided to tuck the heartache she felt with losing her family and come back to it later. She felt like it was selfish but how in the world was she supposed to deal with this? There was nothing she could do now.

His lips were coaxing her into a more relaxed state as he held her to him with firm hands. She whimpered against him and held onto him as if he were her lifeline. Even with this whirlwind of chaos around them, when Vincent kissed her it was like the world melted away. Nothing else mattered, it was just him and her. As quick as he was, Vincent flitted both of them inside so she didn’t catch a cold. Her mind felt like it was spinning as his tongue swept across her lower lip and it made her tremble. She opened up to him, and not just with her own mouth but her entire being. Call her stupid, call her crazy or irresponsible, but she was in love with this vampire. Even though because of this all happening and her life has been turned upside down…she had never felt more alive.

He made her feel excitement! Almost every minute since she’s met him she’s felt important, wanted, and loved by not another family member, but by a man. It was something addicting and entirely life changing. Before all this, she was just breathing…only living to be a wallflower, nothing more, nothing less. She was like on a never-ending adrenalin high. Breaking away she greedily took in air as he looked at her. “I know everything is different, but this will be great.” He promised her with sincerity in his voice. She took in a shaky breath and removed her hands from the collar of his shirt. “I hope so.” She murmured and took one oh his hands in both of hers.

“I’m going to…try really hard to start…accepting whatever this is. I need you to promise me to be patient.” She said slowly since her mind was still in a hazy state. He nodded and bent down to kiss her forehead. “I promise. C’mon let’s go downstairs. We won’t be staying here for very long. Only the next few days. I bought this house in the country Canada, but it will take then next few days to accommodate my way of life, and soon to be yours as well.” Wendy wanted to ask how, but she felt too exhausted to voice it out loud.

“Oh shut up!” they both heard from the front door. They were now on their way down into the home below. Wendy rolled her eyes when she recognized it as Anya’s voice. “Don’t tell me to shut up!…You shut up!” Darcy argued back.  Wendy heard a groan of frustration. “For the love of twinkies, may they rest in peace, both of you shut up!” Asher said in a huff and stomped down the steps only to run intot Wendy and Vincent.

“Oh thank God! Maybe you two can baby-sit these two!” He said with an eye roll and stalked passed them to go in the door that led to downstairs. Anya and Darcy quickly followed arguing all the while. “You’re so stupid!” Anya said through gritted teeth, “Hey guys.” Darcy said quickly before passing them. “When did you get to be so bitchy?!” he asked with a snippy tone. The door shut behind him, leaving both Wendy and Vincent to themselves. “I got bitchy when you became a dick!” They heard Anya yell back. Wendy looked at Vincent with a sigh.

“How about we get out of here for the night? I’ll take you to this spot, I hope is still here after all these years. C’mon, we’ll be back in time before sunrise in a few hours.” He held out his arms letting her choose. Wendy didn’t need to think about it when she heard the distinct sound of smashing glass and Darcy yell, “Hey! That was one of my favorite vases!” She nodded desperately and hopped up into his arms.

“Close your eyes.” He instructed near her ear. She did as she was told and for the moment enjoyed being close to him. She knew the moment she was outside when she once again felt the cold air whip around them. She realized on the run to wherever they were headed she quite enjoyed his smell. It was comforting and reminded her of her relaxing bath oils, like her eucalyptus and spearmint one. It was only minutes later before they stopped. She could hear the sound of water close by which made her open her eyes.

“Oh my gosh!” She breathed out in a gasp. Vincent stated quiet as he set her down. Wendy took in the sight before her. There was a small quiet pond that looked almost like a perfect oval. Willow trees encircled the far half while long grass enveloped everything else. It was by far the most serene place she’s ever seen with her actual eyes as she stood there drinking it in. “Vince….it’s so…incredible.” She said with a sigh. Vince chuckled lowly and came up behind her to ensnare her waist with his arms. “I came here often before I was trapped. It was the perfect place to think. I almost built my home here instead, but I felt it would destroy the tranquility here.” Wendy could imagine Vincent way back before her time sitting here at night just taking everything in.

“I wish I could take this place with me.” She whispered and leaned into him. He kissed the side of her neck making her shiver. “Me too. We’ll come back to visit if you want?” He offered as he nuzzled the crook where her neck met her shoulder. She instantly shook her head. “No…at least not for a while.” She paused, “It’s too close to home, and it would hurt too much.” She explained softly. He nodded but didn’t say anything else. Her little locked up feelings about her family were rattling in her mind, but she firmly shut it out. She was too tired to deal with it now. “Sleep my little Firefly. I’ll bring us back in in a little while.” She nodded tiredly and had to smile slightly when he laid them down in the cool grass, but she felt warm next to him. He tucked her into his side and protected her from the cold wind.


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