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Iris P.O.V

I laid in my large comfortable bed and stared up at my pastel blue ceiling.

My dad had just left to tend to the pack, apparently there was a royal visitor coming. I'm not sure what that means but my dad and Alpha Sean have been working over time lately.

I don't really like when dad works so much because it gets lonely here. I guess that's just what happens when you're an only child and a daddy's girl with no friends.

To pass time I went to my his study and read 'The Mates Handbook' all over again. I've read it multiple times, I can almost recite the pages backward. My dad told me all about mates and how much of a blessing they are. How they will love you forever, even when you're old and wrinkly. I couldn't wait to have my own mate.

I yawned after a while of reading and sluggishly walked to my room. I instantly became too hot and opened my window to let some cool air in.

I switched off my light and crawled into bed. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees led me to sleep.

I jolted awake at the sudden tension I felt around me. It disturbed me.

I sat up in bed and came face to face with an intruder.

I opened my mouth to scream but was attacked by the most delicious aroma that ever met my nose. I looked up at the intruder, he, I'm assuming, was large, beast like. He was heaving as he looked down at me from the foot of my bed.

I felt my fear subside and I began to want the intruder. I don't know why, but I felt a pull to him and he smelt amazing.

I reached out for him and he let out a vicious growl that made me cower back and hide under the blankets.

"I'm sorry" I whimpered

I heard loud footsteps come to the left side of me before rough hands yanked the blanket away.

I screamed and covered myself with the pillow.

"Don't hurt me!" I bellowed, holding the pillow close to me.

He growled again and yanked me to his burning hot body, "I'll never hurt you!" His strong, powerful voice rang.

I felt something rush through my body, like an awakening. The tingles shot over me and made me shiver in delight.

His arms were in a death grip around me.

"Wha-whats your na-name?" I stuttered and melted into his arms.

I was in the arms of a stranger and I felt at home here.

"You call me Alpha" he said and laid me back on the bed before turning and leaving out my window.

How in the world did he fit through my window? Was all I could think. That man was literally a giant.

I fully came to realize that I didn't know what just happened. Why did he smell so good? Why was I feeling so sad that he left me? Why the heck did I let a stranger hold me?! 

I began to get angry with myself when I realized that I didn't even get a look at him. I had no way of pointing him out now unless he talked, I could most likely identify his voice anywhere. It was so mesmerizing and beautiful, full of authority and power. He said to call him alpha but he felt higher than an alpha. 

I'm so confused.


Pretty short..but next chapter will be longer, I just wanted them to meet alrighty!

Hope you liked!

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